Chasing Link scores with innovative new sound

Chasing Link scores with innovative new sound

By Caroline Rohner, Staff Writer

Not too many musicians could classify themselves as “violin rock.” Local band Chasing Link has adopted this intriguing label, forgoing the somewhat ambiguous terms of punk, pop, or ska. By not limiting themselves to one genre of music, the group has successfully carved its own unique niche in the often static music scene.

Guitarists and vocalists Billy Kulpa and Dave Miner combine a fast punk rock style with Jacob Roufa’s classical violin and the pulsing rhythm section of bassist Kevin Mitchell and drummer David Doyle.

After playing in different bands, the guys (who all range from late teens to early ’20s) came together in January of this year and have been performing ever since.

The band cites numerous musical influences with the most prominent being Yellow Card, Alkaline Trio, the Rx Bandits, and Reel Big Fish. This montage of inspirations contributes to Chasing Link’s distinctive sound. Several of their songs, including “The Rescue” and “The Perfect Murder” feature tight harmonies, distorted guitars, and a dynamic melody.

The guys are planning to cut a CD sometime in the near future, but are currently recording their music by using the Noteworthy Composer computer program. This software allows the band to notate each instrument’s part and also hear the finished product.

Miner feels the songwriting process is a creative group project for the band. “It’s like a baby. Somebody has a baby, which is the beginning of a song, and then we all kind of raise it and it matures.”

Their songs are enhanced by the high level of energy each band member supplies. Kulpa explained that performing live is “a lot of fun” for the group. They also continually engage the audience. “We’re not Creed. We don’t just stand there,” Kulpa remarked.

Chasing Link will have the chance to show off its stage antics when it opens for international touring act, The RxBandits, at The Pit on Saturday June 28 at 6 pm.

These violin rockers have created a unique sound that deserves to be heard. Make sure to check them out. For more information, visit

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