Check out Burpee’s dinosaur exhibit

The Burpee Museum’s installation of its JANE preview exhibit traces Rockford’s celebrity dinosaur—JANE— through her 67-million-year journey from the Badlands of Montana to her new home at the Burpee Museum. The exhibit is located on the lower level of the Museum next to the Dean Olson Viewing Lab.

Lew Crampton, president/CEO of Burpee, said, “We want to give our visitors who have been clamoring to see JANE in all her glory, a small preview of how her story unfolds when the exhibit opens in June 2005.”

The exhibit features a picture of JANE’s skeleton and allows visitors to view daily an update of the number of bones found and the latest discoveries. The exhibit includes a 67-million-year timeline with highlights of JANE’s life, death, and discovery by Burpee staff and volunteers in 2001. A touch-screen station invites visitors to view two short videos—The Discovery of JANE featuring Burpee staff and volunteers revealing what it was like to discover JANE’s bones during the Burpee’s first fossil-hunting trip to Montana and—The Debate featuring several world-famous paleontologists describing JANE’s uniqueness and how they will investigate what dinosaur species JANE is. The Dean Olson Viewing Lab’s glass windows allow visitors to observe fossil preparators clean and prepare JANE’s bones.

The exhibit will be open until early 2005 and will be updated regularly as researchers uncover new information about JANE. In spring 2005, JANE’s skeleton will be fully assembled and ready for display in the Burpee Museum’s Paleo Hall.

The JANE Project is being financed, in part, with state funds made available through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Public Museum Capital Grant Program.

The Burpee Museum of Natural History, established in 1941, is one of the pre-eminent mid-sized museums in Illinois. Its mission is to inspire all people to engage in a lifetime of learning about our natural world. For further information, log on at or call Mimi DesRosiers at 965-3433, ext. 1005.

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