Cheney ignores court order

Cheney ignores court order

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

Vice-President Dick Cheney has thumbed his nose at the federal court. According to the independent law firm Judicial Watch, which is suing Cheney for failure to reveal who served on his energy task force, the vice-president “refused to produce documents pursuant to a federal court order in the ongoing Judicial Watch lawsuit concerning his energy task force.”

The law firm said Cheney was to respond to the court’s order by Sept. 6, but the vice-president resorted to Justice Department lawyers to file a last minute motion for a protective order seeking exemption from discovery on constitutional grounds.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan has already made it clear he will not tolerate this kind of gamesmanship. The judge has already warned the Justice Department about lying to him about the law.

Now Cheney is showing contempt for the court by refusing to produce documents as directed by the judge.

Larry Klayman, president and general counsel of Judicial Watch, said his organization will ask the court for sanctions against Cheney and other appropriate relief.

Cheney and the Bush White House have stonewalled all attempts to learn who participated in the task force’s deliberations and how much influence they had. One of those thought to be a key architect of the new energy policy is Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron Corp., now under investigation for fraudulent accounting practices and tax evasion.

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