Cheney resists court service

Cheney resists court service

By By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

The White House threatened a process server with arrest when he tried to serve a complaint on Vice President Dick Cheney in connection with a lawsuit over Cheney’s actions as head of the energy task force.

The process server, according to Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm suing Cheney on behalf of shareholders in Halliburton Oil, said a security officer at the White House told the process server he would not accept the legal papers for Cheney and that if the server tried to leave them, the officer would arrest him.

Judicial Watch said interfering with service of process is a crime under existing law. An affidavit of due diligence has been filed in the case. Service was attempted on July 22, according to the legal firm.

“We have served many a lawsuit on Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton when they were in the White House,” said Larry Klayman, general counsel of Judicial Watch. “The Clinton White House accepted the papers. Never before have our process servers been threatened with arrest. If this Bush-Cheney White House is serious about corporate corruption and responsibility, it would not allow the Vice President to improperly hide behind White House security to evade service of process in the Halliburton securities fraud litigation, and it would not threaten the process server with arrest,” Klayman added.

The law firm said it will continue to try to serve the Vice President and will move for appropriate sanctions if Cheney continues to obstruct court process. Klayman said Cheney is not above the law.

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