Chicago bands hit up Kryptonite…Silent Treatment, Giant Step, and Lice at Sea

By Molly Fleming Staff Writer This Saturday, Sept. 27, Kryptonite will host a trinity of Chicago-area rock ’n‘ roll groups—some of whom y’all might be familiar with. The Silent Treatment (which contains some ex-Rockford residents), Giant Step (who I’m fairly certain have played Kryptonite or OTW before) and Lice at Sea (whom I’ve never heard of prior to this week) will bring the sounds of up-and-coming contemporary rock music to our favorite neighborhood club. The Silent Treatment, if you remember from my review this summer, consists of Kris Murphy (bass/back-up vocals), Greg Calvert (vocals), Brian Ulery (drums) and Chris and Andy Schach (guitar and piano, respectively). Blending styles of cleaned-up, worked-on emo with ambiguously titled “indie-rock” and punk, they’re melodic enough to remark on and definitely a fun time in concert. The Silent Treatment is what rock music has come to, and locals should welcome it. Giant Step has been in the works since 1999, and in those four years it has achieved a polish to its sound. The Chicago group has released three independent EPs in that brief period of time, and is receiving air play for its latest CD, The Shark, from (surprise, surprise) college and independent radio stations. Going through three upright bass players (including Local H’s Scott Lucas) since their beginning hasn’t hurt them any, and they maintain a powerful, energetic sound that is extremely poppy, but in the literal sense. That is music by the people and for the people, as opposed to music for one’s self, and it follows the typical song structure that allows for just about anyone to catch on. Giant Step consists of Geoff Sabin on guitar and lead vocals (always trust a man who spells his name the right way), Jason Sabin on guitar and vocals, Jose Correa on drums and vocals, and Rich Arendt on bass. Their current CD will be available at the performance, I’m sure. Also from Chicago, Lice at Sea, the band with the confusing name that conjures peculiar imagery, (fish with scale mites?) will also play Kryptonite that evening. Lice at Sea’s new album, Is There a Signal Coming Through?, will hit stores Nov. 11, so keep your eyes open for it. The album features guest cello work by Riley Broach, who has been involved with The Viper and His Famous Orchestra, as well as McCrae (yes, just McCrae) from Gray Area, doing experimental beats and rhythms. Visit their Web site at What else is going on Saturday night? Who cares? There’s rock ’n‘ roll to be had at Kryptonite, so peel yourself off the couch and head to the River District. Show starts at 9 p.m.ish (or later) and cover is $5. Call 965-0931 for more information.

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