Chicory Ridge developer told to cease and desist

Roscoe Police order Jeff Petry to stop development after his dynamiting damages 12 homes

Jeff Petry, developer of the Chicory Ridge Subdivision, was hit with a cease and desist order from the Roscoe Police Department.

The order was imposed because construction workers employed by Petry were dynamiting rocky areas on Plat 15, a hill overlooking the flood plain containing plats 17 and 18. The complaints were received on Sept. 28, and action was taken the same day.

According to a Roscoe police spokesman, 12 homes were damaged; most damage was structural along foundations. Eight- to 10-foot cracks were the common damage results. One resident described the dynamiting incident as earthquake-like with things cracking and objects falling off shelves.

As you may recall, plats 17 and 18 of Chicory Ridge Subdivision are controversial. Petry has assumed the position that he will develop the plats despite the fact that the Roscoe Village voted against the development. Just weeks ago, Petry’s workers cleared a pre-road over Plat 15 headed toward his flood plain. Action is pending against him on his bulldozing of Plat 15. If IEPA officials think the work threatens or has damaged the flood plain or Rock River, then Petry will be fined.

Meanwhile, Roscoe Village police officials say Petry will not be able to dynamite until he can prove to the proper permit givers that his rock removal techniques will be safe. Petry has not been fined at this time, but is expected to pay for damages.

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