Christian writers to hold competition for 2001

Christian writers to hold competition for 2001


The Christian Poetry & Writers Society & Publishers, Ltd. presents: The King’s Writers Competition 2001. The King’s Writers are Christian writers from around the world who are members of the Society and have committed themselves to writing praises, testimonies, songs, poems, prose and verses, all in praise of “the Almighty, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

Prizes will be awarded. The Society will choose 40 overall winners from around the world. The first 20 winners will win various prizes including a return ticket to Rockford. Alternately, a winner from the U.S. gets a return ticket to London for the year 2001 launching of the book. Also, the 20 runners-up will be given special commendation in the 2001 edition of We Write in Praise of the King 2001.

First Prize: Round-trip ticket to Rockford, or round-trip ticket to London. Second Prize: $100. Third Prize: $50. 1st – 5th Prizes: Pamphlet book contract for the works submitted. 6th – 20th Prizes: Pamphlet book contract for the works submitted. 21st – 40th Prizes: Commendation in book.

All 40 winners will receive certificates as Writers for the King 2001 during launching of the book in September 2001 in London. All participants will receive a copy of the book at a subsidized rate. All winners will receive a free copy of the book.

Rules: All participants must be 16 years or older. All participants must be full members of the Society. You may register at this stage. All entries must be received at the Registered Office, London, or the branch office in Rockford, Ill., on or by January 31, 2001. Allow two weeks for the mail. Notification of winners will be announced by Easter 2001.

Entry rules: Each participant must submit a minimum of five praises from the following list, such as: testimonies (one page), poems (20 lines), songs (20 lines), lyrics (10 lines), prayers (10 lines) and verses (minimum of 10). All works must be typed on white paper. All works with illustrations should be accompanied by disks with illustrations thereon. There is an entry fee of £2 or $3 payable for each work submitted.

All writers in the U.S. should send submissions to the branch office in the U.S. Send to: Branch Office, Christian Poetry Writers Society, 4110 Harmony Circle, Rockford, IL 61107; or call (815) 229-6001; fax (815) 229-6309. All other countries must send submissions to the London office. Please write your reference number on every sheet submitted. If you do not know it, contact the Registered Office at Prosper House, 146/154 Kilburn High Rd., London NW6 4JD. Please answer the following question on a separate sheet and submit with your entry:

Please write in five lines your appraisal of the book, We Write in Praise of the King 2000. Thank you, and God bless you.

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