Christiansen fund-raiser attracts supporters

Dickerson and Nieman Realtors Inc., was sponsor and gold-level contributor to a July 1 campaign fund-raiser for Republican Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen. The real estate firm also contributed $500 to Christiansen’s campaign in June 2004, and a total of $7,100 to local and state Republican campaign coffers since 1999.

No money was contributed by the firm to Democrats.

Former state Republican operative and Greater Rockford Airport Board member Michael Dunn is vice president and general manager of Dickerson and Nieman.

Christiansen recently re-appointed Dunn to another five-year term on the airport’s Board of Commissioners.

Local attorneys Paul S. Nicolosi and Gerlando “Gino” Galluzzo were also sponsors of the fund-raiser, which was held at Cliffbreaker’s restaurant and convention center.

Nicolosi is also the attorney for the City of Loves Park and Village of Rockton. Galluzzo is the son of alleged Mob soldier Salvatore Galluzzo.

Since 2003, Nicolosi and Gino Galluzzo’s development businesses, Buckley Partners LLC, Buckley Holdings and The Principal Group LLC combined to loan $15,000, and contribute $8,000 in cash to Christiansen’s campaign. Christiansen also rented campaign office space from Buckley Partners in 2004 for a total of $6,300 in “in-kind” contributions.

The contributions are likely needed by Christiansen.

As reported in the Oct. 20-26, 2004, article “County chairman says no conflict of interest,” Christiansen had two lawsuits filed against him concerning at least $97,839 in unpaid bills his roofing company, S.H. Christiansen, owed to creditors.

Since then, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank began foreclosure procedures on a mortgage involving properties on which the roofing company conducted business at 820 7th St., in Rockford.

The legal notice was published in the May 25-31, 2005, issue of The Rock River Times.

Three other lawsuits were filed against Christiansen and his business since 2003, but have been settled. Still more were filed prior to 2003.

Christiansen’s wife also recently deeded their Yale Bridge Road property back to AMCORE Bank to avoid foreclosure proceedings.

According to county records, Kathryn G. Christiansen deeded approximately 50 acres to the Naperville AMCORE Bank on June 29.

During his first months in office last summer, Christiansen was instrumental in pushing a $79.5 million program designed primarily for road and sewer construction for the County. Approximately $38 million was financed through the sale of bonds.

At the time, Winnebago County Board member Pete MacKay (R-5) said: “I think the whole thing is a campaign contribution scam.” Other board members argued the spending would pave the way to economic development.

Dunn, Galluzo and Nicolosi did not return messages for comment.

Christiansen did not respond to messages by time of publication.

From the July 13-19, 2005, issue

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