Clarification: Author of column identified

Connie Schultz, award-winning columnist for The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, Ohio, was the author of the guest column “Women who dared,” published in the July 21-27, 2004, issue of The Rock River Times.

The column, which originally appeared under the headline “And you think it’s a pain to vote” in the Feb. 19, 2004, issue of The Plain Dealer, was incorrectly published in The Rock River Times under the byline of Beverly Davies before it was learned that Davies had found the column on the Internet. The Rock River Times went to great lengths to find the author, but repeated searches found the column attributed only to an “Unknown Author.”

The Rock River Times has received numerous inquiries about the column. Schultz invited readers to share their thoughts about her column with her via e-mail at The archives of The Rock River Times have been updated to show Schultz as the proper author of the column.

Schultz, who has worked for The Plain Dealer for nearly two years and who worked as a free-lance columnist for 15 years, received The 2004 Batten Medal for her series “The Burden of Innocence,” which was about a man who spent 13 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. The series also made her a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing.

According to The Batten Medal Web site of, the panel of judges for the award said of the series: “Connie Schultz’s work is brilliant, both for the quality of her reporting and her compelling story telling. Schultz is an insightful and compassionate writer whose work reflects the values of Jim Batten.”

Schultz’s series can be found online at More info on The Plain Dealer can be found at

The Rock River Times regrets any inconvenience.

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