Clarification to Letter to the Editor

The April 11-17, 2007, Letter to the Editor “Morrissey—always wanting more” should have included the following clarifications.

Jim Ryan was Capital Improvements manager and was promoted to City Administrator. Ryan was not hired by Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey (I), and was not simply given a raise after Morrissey was elected mayor. Ryan has been a city employee since 1999, and served under both former mayors Charles Box (D) and Doug Scott (D).

The Garrison School project is owned by Garrison Lofts, LLC.

In an original clarification confirmed by the City of Rockford as being accurate, it was stated that “the TIF district in which the Garrison School project is located was finalized under former Mayor Scott’s tenure, although the operating agreement was finalized under Morrissey’s administration.” However, a public hearing notice dated Aug. 2, 2005, and signed by City Legal Director Patrick Hayes, confirms otherwise. The notice was for a 4 p.m., Sept. 19, 2005, public hearing at Trinity Learning Center, 207 N. First St., that was to address, among other issues pertaining to the Garrison School project, the possibility of creating a tax-increment financing (TIF) district. Therefore, the creation of the TIF district had to have occurred after Sept. 19, 2005, while Morrissey was mayor.

Morrissey has not attempted “to reward his friends with city contracts without City Council approval,” as the letter stated.

Prior to being elected mayor, Morrissey had no personal association with MetroCentre General Manager Corey Pearson.

The city will not directly pay the “salaries, benefits and travel expenses” associated with the purchase of the IceHogs. Rather, the city, as part of its intergovernmental agreement with the MetroCentre and Winnebago County, will give $850,000 per year to the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Rock River Times regrets any confusion the letter may have caused.

from the April 18-24, 2007, issue

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