At the time of publication of the Jan. 8, 2003, article, “Donor’s workman’s compensation suspended, reinstated,” Hartford Insurance Group Nurse Care Manager Marylou Scott had not responded to phone calls in reference to the article.

Although, Cynthia Michener, Hartford Insurance Group spokesman, did address issues regarding claims made by David Harper, the 38-year-old Mount Morris man who donated his kidney to 5-year-old Angela Rushford.

Specific questions for Scott were not addressed with Michener, particularly, had she, or had she not, as Harper alleged, been making regular case calls to Harper?

In a Jan. 10, 2003, written response, Michener said: “This nurse care manager [Scott] made regular contact with the claimant for progress updates. Doctor visits are not part of her normal job duties.”

Michener said in a Jan. 13 interview that Scott is not required to follow up on Harper’s condition after his transplant because the transplant does not pertain to his original injury claim.

Additionally, Michener wrote: “To be clear, since inception of the claim in August 2001, there has never been an interruption of worker’s compensation benefits. The Hartford continues to help Mr. Harper find a job.”

Michener, however, did confirm in a Jan. 7 interview that Harper’s workman’s compensation had been temporarily suspended and then reinstated.

Harper’s attorney also did not respond to phone calls prior to publication. In a Jan. 13 written response, Greg Tuite of Greg Tuite & Associates, wrote: “These matters are best left to the legal system and should not be litigated in the media. I have reviewed the statement made by The Hartford. Any legal dispute normally has different viewpoints as to the facts of the situation; there are usually ‘two sides to the story.’ This applies to Mr. Harper’s case as well.”

Greg Szul, Harper’s attorney, refused to comment any further, saying he doesn’t want to compromise a pending case Harper has against the Hartford Insurance Group.

Due to conflicting reports at the time of publication, the dates of Harper’s injury and surgery were incorrect. Harper injured his back while on the job as a welder in July 2001 and had surgery in March 2002. He filed his workman’s compensation claim with the Hartford Insurance Group in August 2001.

The Rock River Times did not intend any embarrassment to Marylou Scott, whom we are sure is a fine person.

The Rock River Times regrets any errors.

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Last week’s story “The jail commission political contributions and affiliations” identified William K. Sjostrom as the son of William G. Sjostrom and brother of Joel Sjostrom, the current CEO of William Sjostrom and Sons Construction Company.

William K. is the nephew of William G. and the cousin of Joel Sjostrom.

Sjostrom was out of state before the article was printed, and efforts to reach him were unsuccessful.

Sjostrom was the chairman (not the president) of the Rock Valley College (RVC) Board of Trustees in 1997 when it hired current RVC President Roland Chapdelaine.

According to Sjostrom, he remained on the board (but not as chairman) until January 2001 when he resigned. He was then recommended for hire by Chapdelaine’s administration in March 2001, Sjostrom said. The board approved the recommendation in March 2001 that made Sjostrom the director of facilities planning, operations and maintenance.

The June 18, 2002, board report indicates Sjostrom’s annual salary is $65,595.

The Rock River Times regrets any errors.

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