Clean energy tips and tidbits

Clean energy tips and tidbits

By Dan Slattery

Compiled from various sources

l The average household dryer puts almost one ton of CO2 in the atmosphere per year. Whenever possible, use a clothesline.

l If you use warm and cold water instead of hot water for your laundry, your CO2 reduction (at two loads per week) could be up to 500 lbs.

l Compact fluorescent light bulbs (screw-in standard socket) can save up to 75 percent electricity per bulb. Example: A 100-watt compact fluorescent only uses 27 watts of electricity.

l Current world wind-generating capacity can meet the residential electricity needs of 24 million people in industrial countries, equal to the combined populations of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

l In 2001, world solar cell production soared to 395 megawatts, up 37 percent over 2000.

l Between 1995 and 2002, world wind-electric generation expanded by 32 percent per year while coal use only declined by 2 percent.

l Renewable energy is expected to supply up to 60 percent of the world’s energy by the year 2060.

l The United States manufactures about two-thirds of the world’s photovoltaic systems.

l We export about 70 percent of these systems.

l The dollars spent on renewable energy stay at home, create more jobs, and foster economic growth.

l Renewable energy can decrease our dependency on foreign oil imports and strengthen our economic and national security.

l Solar electric systems are not subject to property taxes, at least in California, if not elsewhere.

l “Net metering” allows you to get credit for the excess energy you create during the day with solar electric, or wind. In this process, you “sell” or “credit” the excess electricity you generate back to your utility company, thus putting more “green power” on the grid, reducing the need for electricity generated by fossil or nuclear fuels.

l More than 1,000 times as much energy as the nation consumes shines on the continental United States every year from the sun.

l The program This Renewable House will air again on Insight Communications Public Access Channel 17 on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 7 p.m., and Saturday, Nov. 9 at noon.

Dan Slattery is a member of the following organizations: the American Solar Energy Society, the Illinois Solar Energy Association, the Illinois Coalition Against Unfair Utilities, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA).

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