.COMmentary: Insight@Home goes dark?

.COMmentary: Insight@Home goes dark?

By Mike Lotz

Insight@Home goes dark?

By Mike Lotz

I told you so, but you don’t listen to me! I wrote a couple weeks ago that Insight@Home was on shaky grounds. Insight@Home is high-speed Internet access via your cable television line in the Rockford area.

By the time you read this article, you who have Insight@Home cable Internet access may have no access at all. As of last Friday, November 30th, there was a chance that Excite@Home, who provides the Internet access for Insight Communications, will go dark.

In an e-mail on Insight Communications’ web site (http://www.insight-com.com), which was sent to all Insight@Home customers, it states, “Today it was reported that Excite@Home’s network might go dark on Friday, November 30 . . . “, it goes on to say, “ . . you should know we do not believe the system will go dark. We are working on a number of fronts to prevent this from happening. . . .”

According to ZDNet.com, Excite@Home, which filed for bankruptcy last month, said earlier this week that it could shut off its services to cable companies as early as Friday. Sources say Friday’s potential end game was forced by creditors who are trying to get AT&T to raise its $307 million bid for Excite@Home.

The e-mail from Insight continues, “While we do not believe that the service will go dark, we do urge you to take the following precautionary measures with your data: Check your Insight@Home e-mail account(s) on a daily basis. Backup your personal web page(s) . . .”

Insight is looking into other companies such as AT&T, Road Runner and AOL that will supply the Internet access if Excite@Home does go dark. This transition will not be instant and may take up to six weeks.

So there you go, I warned you, and now it’s happening. Better get you’re telephone cord and old 28.8K modem fired up, your going to need it. I’m glad I got DSL!

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