.COMmentary: Technology = Stupid Kid

.COMmentary: Technology = Stupid Kid

By Mike Lotz

Technology = Stupid Kid

By Mike Lotz

Here we go again, blaming technology for all the problems in the world. This time, technology gives kids not just brain damage, but LONG-TERM brain damage.

Scientists working at Tohoku University in Japan have discovered that computer games only stimulate those parts of the brain that are devoted to vision and movement, and do not aid the development of other important areas of the brain. The researchers are particularly concerned that by spending many hours playing games, some children will not develop their frontal lobes—which play a crucial role in controlling behavior and developing memory, emotion and learning.

In contrast, tasks such as arithmetic will stimulate brain activity in the frontal lobe, which is thought to continue developing until adulthood.

Professor Ryuta Kawashima, who led the team who carried out the research, said, “There is a problem we will have with a new generation of children—who play computer games—that we have never seen before. The implications are very serious for an increasingly violent society, and these students will be doing more and more bad things if they are playing games and not doing other things like reading aloud or learning arithmetic.”

I love these scientists and the way they talk. Professor Kawashima has no hard evidence that this is true. Why else would he say, “ The implications are very serious…” implications are not fact; implication means you are assuming!

Here’s what Professor Kawashima found: His study looked at the brain activity of hundreds of students playing a Nintendo game and compared it to other students who were carrying out basic arithmetic. It found that much more brain activity was needed to solve the simple mathematic tasks than was used to play the computer games, and that activity in the frontal lobe was particularly pronounced.

This is a load of garbage, like all statistical nonsense. Sure, there are extremists who will prove the point, but how many real-world people fit the extreme mold? Very few. So they shouldn’t be basing the entire population on a couple of kids. I myself grew up with video games; it was the height of the video game revolution. Now, I own a high-tech company, a job that requires much intelligence and “frontal lobe size.” This so-called “study” is highly inconclusive, as they neglect to mention other areas of the brain which have been strengthened by video game activity. And do we really want every kid in this world to grow up to be a scrawny bookworm? I don’t think so. Everyone has his or her place in this world

If parents were so concerned about their children’s video game obsessions, they wouldn’t have bought them the machines to begin with. Grow up and act like a parent and regulate your children’s activities. Stop blaming the technology industry for YOUR MISTAKES. Raise your children; don’t rely on the video games to raise your children for you, because that’s what is really happening.

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