Complaints filed against Fox News

Move and Common Cause have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission challenging Fox News’ slogan “fair and balanced.” Now they seek to collect thousands of signatures on their petition as well as comments in order to impress Congress and the FTC to take action.

More than 25,000 individuals already have viewed a new documentary film, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism. The film features former employees of Fox News telling what goes on at the broadcast center, plus a number of internal executive memos, instructing the Fox staff on how to slant the stories they present.

Fox is notorious for presenting partisan Republican “talking points” in the guise of news. Challenges to this pretense are growing. There has been no real defense from Fox, just attacks on former employees who are speaking out.

Move On and Common Cause want to support these courageous journalists and also express disgust at Fox’s deceptive performance. A copy of the petition can be found at the MoveOn Web site.

The petition and a video clip can be forwarded to help your friends sign up to protest this thinly disguised propaganda effort. We need to demand truly fair and balanced coverage from the press.

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