Conquering depression naturally: Part II

Conquering depression naturally: Part II

By Kimberley Casteneda

By Kimberly Kaye Castaneda,

Naturopathic Medicine

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

In part one, we focused on some of the signs and symptoms of depression.

Listed below are natural supplements that aid in the conquering of depression.

DO NOT take any of the supplements listed below without the approval of your healthcare practitioner first.

DO NOT take the supplements if you are pregnant, nursing or on any MAO inhibitor prescription drugs.

To begin with, find out if you are anemic. An iron deficiency has been known to affect moods and can exacerbate the symptoms of depression. Lack of Vitamin B12 can do the same. Vitamin B6, which is needed for normal brain functioning, can be depleted in women who take oral contraceptives, and a deficiency in folic acid can also cause a disturbance in one’s mood.

Tyrosine: Converts into norepinephrine and dopamine, a neurotransmitter that affects moods and acts as a mood elevator. Tyrosine can also be depleted in the system through the use of birth control pills.

Taurine: Necessary for normal neurological functions in the brain.

SAMe: Works in the system as a natural antidepressant. DO NOT take if you have been diagnosed as manic depressive or are on other antidepressant drugs.

5-HTP: Increases the body’s serotonin levels naturally.

GABA: Has tranquilizing effects to counteract anxiety and nervousness.

Kava Kava: Relieves anxiety and depression and promotes a calmness. Aids in physical and mental relaxation.

St. John’s Wort: Acts as a MAO inhibitor. Helps to control stress levels. Large amounts can cause sensitivity to sunlight in some people

Essential Fatty Acids: Needed in the body for the transmission of nerve impulses and for normal functioning of the brain.

Liquid Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D: Soothes and calms the nervous system. Selenium: Known to elevate mood and decrease anxiety.

Rescue Remedy and other Bach Flower Essence: Work on emotional clearing.

One should avoid alcohol and smoking and eliminate refined sugars, processed foods, caffeine, chemicals and preservatives from the diet. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, Equal and Nutrasweet all block the formation of serotonin in the brain. Choose the natural sweetener Stevia instead. Add Braggs Amino-s to your diet. Include fatty acid foods, vegetable proteins and foods rich in tryptophan, such as bananas, potatoes and organic turkey. Avoid wheat gluten, which has been linked to depressive disorders. Drink pure water to flush the system of stored toxins and cleanse your liver bi-annually. Good nutrition is a MUST for healthy brain activity.

Incorporate exercise, sunlight, deep breathing and stress management into your life, and work on emotional issues and old baggage that needs to be cleared from your psyche. You can begin to do this by expressing yourself through journaling, music, art, prayer, meditation, dance, hypnotherapy, emotional release therapy, joining healing groups or friendship sharing groups and

counseling, just to name a few. You CAN overcome depression; you just need to take that first step towards DISCOVERING WELLNESS.

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*Always consult your natural health care practitioner or medical doctor before self-medicating.

Kimberly Kaye Castaneda is a naturopath who researches and teaches about the benefits of natural, non-invasive healing techniques and therapies. Her Washington, D.C. registration and ANMA and ABH board certification along with her degree and certifications states that she is qualified in the use of all natural forms of healing including: acupressure; aromatherapy; Bach flower remedies; chronic diseases; clinical microscopy; color therapy; emotional release therapy; Gua Sha treatments; herbology; homeopathy; hypnotherapy; live blood and dry layer cell analysis; massage; nutrition; raindrop therapy; reflexology; Reiki healing and vibrational or polarity healing. Kimberly Castaneda; N.D. has a private practice in Rockford located at 521 N. Longwood Street. To schedule a private consultation or for Reiki classes and attunements or wedding services, call (815) 963-1585.

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