Contract ‘Yes’—Chapdelaine ‘No’

n Administrators’ contracts up soon Minutes after approving their five-year contract 86-39, Rock Valley College (RVC) faculty reaffirmed their Aug. 29 “no confidence” vote in RVC President Roland Chapdelaine. The reaffirmed vote was 96-0 out of 135 full-time faculty association members. Details of the contract were not released to all members of the media by time of publication. The RVC Board of Trustees was also expected to approve the contract Tuesday evening. The faculty previously voted no confidence in Chapdelaine on Aug. 29 by a margin of 95-11. As to the 86-39 contract vote, Jill Raymond, president of the RVC Faculty Association, an affiliate of the Illinois Federation of Teachers-American Federation of Teachers-AFL-CIO, said, “I think that there were definitely things in the contract that faculty were not happy with, at least some faculty. “I think it’s a whole number of different items, but not just one item. That was the weird thing,” Raymond said. Lynnette Danzl-Tauer, chairman of the faculty negotiating committee, said of specific faculty objections, “I don’t know because I haven’t talked to all of them. For example, depending upon the stage of your career, retirement or tenure evaluation provisions might be objectionable. “I think that there might have been some people that might of [sic] voted against the contract for political reasons—a vote against the administration. As an organization, there was no link between the contract and that; but on an individual level, there might have been. That’s a guess on my part,” Danzl-Tauer said. “I think that we thought it important to address some of the things that have come out in the media lately. For example, in the [Rockford] Register Star last weekend, there was a comment by a board member that linked our contract and the no confidence vote, which is something that we did not ever intend to do,” Danzl-Tauer said. After the faculty’s second no confidence vote, a spontaneous resolution was overwhelmingly passed by voice vote that asked Chapdelaine “to immediately resign to avoid further damage to the college or for the board to immediately terminate Chapdelaine’s employment,” one faculty member said. The voice vote had no dissenting votes and a few abstentions. The faculty stated after their August no confidence vote, the contract negotiations were separate from their no confidence vote. However, Chapdelaine suggested in an Aug. 29 press release and in other media and in the following days and weeks that the first no confidence vote was a bargaining tool faculty were employing to gain leverage during negotiations. Chris Johnson, RVC Board of Trustees chairman, said “the faculty’s vote will be taken seriously by board members.” The board vote whether to renew Chapdelaine’s contract is expected Oct. 28, at the next business meeting of the trustees. Johnson said normally all the administrators’ contracts are voted on in June of each year. However, because of the college’s five consecutive fiscal years of deficit spending totaling at least $7.4 million, Johnson said the vote concerning administrators’ salaries was delayed. Johnson added that the board still plans to hold four separate meetings with four different groups—students, faculty, professional staff and support staff—during the next six weeks to listen to their concerns about the college. Johnson speculated that each meeting would be conducted in closed session. Students were scheduled to meet with board members Tuesday evening. No details were available about the students’ presentation by time of publication. Frank Schier, editor and publisher of The Rock River Times, contributed to this article. Rock Valley College Board of Trustees Should Chapdelaine’s contract be renewed? Let board members know your opinion: n Ann Dempsey, 1815 Oxford St., Rockford, IL 61103, (815) 968-7591 (work) n Rick Johnson, 5500 Woodview Way, Rockford, IL 61109, (815) 874-1898 n David Powers, 731 Paris Ave., Rockford, IL 61107, (815) 226-9260 n Randy Schaefer, 5833 Mabbott Dr., Loves Park, IL 61111, (815) 633-7215 n Doug Kelley, 3456 Dallas Rd., Rockford, IL 61109, (815) 874-6345 n Don Johannes, 3304 Alta Vista Rd., Rockford, IL 61107, (815) 397-1708 n Chris Johnson, 5639 Haddon Place, Rockford, IL 61114, (815) 637-2250

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