Contractors, trade unions offer free building assessments for flood victims

The Labor Day storm that flooded homes in Rockford still poses significant life safety threats to occupants of these homes, including the potential for fires. Many homes that were flooded are still occupied, and have electrical panels and wiring, and furnaces and water heaters that may have been damaged by flood waters.

Tragedies can occur after the storm when things may appear to be safe. For instance, an electrical service panel that appears dry and functioning may actually contain damaged circuit breakers, which are no longer protecting occupants. Furnaces and water heaters may have unsafe gas control valves or parts.

Qualified and licensed local contractors and building trade unions have volunteered to provide free assessments of electrical systems, furnaces and water heaters for flood victims. These are licensed and qualified contractors that provide free assessments and estimates.

People returning to their homes and those cleaning are strongly urged to call the following numbers for free assessments:

Electrical—Power Connection, NECA and Electrical Workers Local Union No. 364—398-6282

Furnaces & A/C—SMACNA & Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 219—873-0920

Water Heaters—PICRA and Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union No. 23—307-0350

To protect you, city permits and inspections are required for flood repairs. The city of Rockford has waived all permit fees for flood victims. Contractors doing this work must be licensed, and the city will do inspections after the repairs are made. For more information about city permits and inspections, call 987-5550 or 987-5651.

From the Sept. 27-Oct.3, 2006, issue>

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