Coping with holiday stress

Coping with holiday stress

By Dr. Frederic Flach, Psychiatrist and author of The Secret

Strength of Depression, recently released in its third revised edition offers these thoughts of positive encouragement for those of us who feel lonely, sad, or stressed-out during the holiday season:

ACCEPT YOUR FEELINGS: Acknowledge that the season can be sad and stressful at times, and that it’s okay to feel that way.

BE GENEROUS: Concentrate on making someone else happy.

FORGIVE: If you have to spend time with some people you’d rather not be

with, consider it an opportunity for you to develop courage and kindness. Discover in yourself the tremendous healing power of


AVOID EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL USE: Alcohol is a depressant, and its effects can linger for days afterward.

NURTURE YOUR SOUL: Try not to get caught up in the materialistic crush by keeping in mind that these holidays are a very important spiritual event, too!

If all of these strategies fail, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Remember that depression is not a weakness it is a perfectly normal reaction to all kinds of stress. But if depression lingers for weeks or months, get help.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Frederic Flach, M.D., K.H.S., is an internationally recognized psychiatrist and author. His highly acclaimed books include The Secret Strength of Depression, Third Revised Edition; Putting the Pieces Together Again; A New Marriage, A New Life; Resilience; The Secret Strength of Angels; and Faith, Healing and Miracles. These books are available from booksellers everywhere or call 800-528-2550. For more information, please visit

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