Corrections and clarifications

There are several corrections and clarifications to last week’s article about construction change orders at Rock Valley College (RVC) and the accompanying article regarding funding and purpose for the Support Services Building.

1. There were a total of 136 change orders as of the dates described in the confidential e-mail.

2a. The reported estimate of the Support Services Building was originally between $4-$5 million, according to an internal RVC document that was faxed to the local daily on Jan. 16, 2002.

2b. As a result of having an estimate range between $4-$5 million instead of an exact estimate of $4.2 million, calculations described in the article need to be clarified.

The total original estimates of construction for the $3-$4 million Student Center remodeling and the $4-$5 million Support Services Building is $8 million.

The total estimate is based on the midpoint for both range estimates ($3.5 million added to $4.5 million).

2c. The percent in change order costs drop from 10.3 percent to 9.9 percent ($791,571/$8 million x 100 percent).

3. The Support Services Building (SSB) was not originally the Student Services Building. The Student Services Building planned in June 2002 was originally a different version of the current estimated $6.9 million addition to the Student Center.

According to the June 18, 2002, document and another source, RVC administrators originally hoped the state would fund 75 percent of the Student Center addition. However, RVC Board Trustee Chris Johnson said all funds for the current Student Center addition are local funds. The funds have come from $61.8 million the college borrowed in the form of non-voter approved bonds, Johnson said.

The expert sources cited in last week’s article were contacted for comment about the article. The sources stand by their statement that $212,649 in construction change orders are “directly attributed to poor planning by college administrators,” primarily RVC President Roland Chapdelaine.

RVC’s Public Relations Director Mike Robinson was asked if the college would have a response to the article. Robinson said: “I wouldn’t expect one.”

The Rock River Times regrets the errors.

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