Country stars rock the MetroCentre

Country stars rock the MetroCentre

By David Harper, Staff Writer

Deanne Carter made a very bright appearance in her jeans and silver-sequined halter top. That, I might add, she fought to keep on through the show. A member of her crew told me, “It was the first time that she had worn that top during a concert and didn’t realize that that would happen.”

Carter opened for country stars Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney at the MetroCentre on Thursday, May 1. About 6,500 people attended the concert.

Carter performed some older hits and said, “I don’t have any new songs on the radio right now, so we will have to use the older songs.”

Next on stage was Keith Urban, who really got the crowd warmed up. This New Zealand-born young man drove the ladies and, I might add, the younger kids, wild. I was very impressed when Urban welcomed a couple of young children on the stage with him. Specifically when he had a seat on the edge of the stage with a young girl.

If you listen to Urban, you would never know he spent most of his life in Australia; the accent does not come through at all.

And then, of course, to top off the show, came superstar Kenny Chesney. This by far sent the ladies into the clouds. I overheard one guy say, “I thought he was taller.” To look at Chesney, you wouldn’t really know by his dress that he was a superstar, with his jeans, sleeveless T-shirt and what has come to be known as his signature white necklace.

Chesney really got the place rockin’. He said he had told Urban, “This is going to be a great night from the sound of the crowd.”

During Chesney’s show, the security in front of the stage really had to earn their money, as the girls were all clamoring to get as close as possible.

The show was finished with Kenny Chesney bringing Urban and Carter back to the stage and singing the Mellencamp hit Jack and Diane, followed by autograph signing.

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