Cuppy’s Coffee & More on 11th Street offers ‘change of pace’

I enjoy coffee. I’ve been to the gourmet places a handful of times, but I generally prefer plain, old regular. I had the opportunity to check out the newest addition to our area, Cuppy’s Coffee & More, and I have to say I was impressed.

On 11th Street, just north of Sandy Hollow in the Quizno’s parking lot, Cuppy’s is a strictly drive-thru/pick-up window operation. Even though they serve some complicated drinks, their service motto is “less than one minute.” Their cause is helped by a double drive-thru, the only operational one in the area.

While I was there, a handful of cars came and were served within that time limit, as well as a few walk-up customers.

The usual fares appear on their menu: lattes, mochas, cappuccino and Chai (all in iced or hot form). You will find no air pots here; all of their drinks are made fresh (even my boring black coffee). Prices range from $1.25 for a small hot tea or espresso to $3.75 for a large raspberry mocha. Average price for drinks is $3.

If you’re ready for something different, try adding a flavor to their drinks. They offer vanilla, caramel, almond, hazelnut, raspberry and Irish cream, and all flavors are available in sugar-free.

I tried their vanilla latte, and I might go out on a limb to say that even non-coffee drinkers would enjoy this. Lattes are the special this month; you can get a 12-ounce vanilla, caramel or mocha for $1.95 (everyday price $2.75).

The item that really ruined my appetite was the Mango smoothie. There are many different fruit varieties of this blended drink, including strawberry banana and berry. These drinks are made from 100 percent fruit that is all-natural with no preservatives. These take a bit longer than the standard minute to make, but the wait is negligible, and worth every second. A medium size runs $3.75 and a large $4.25. They also offer a frozen hot chocolate, bottled water, and iced tea, if you’re not a coffee person.

If you need more than coffee in the morning, they also offer biscotti and muffins. Check for more in the future, too—I have a feeling they have some tricks up their sleeves. The ladies I met were genuinely interested in giving the customers what they want. After merely a day in business, they added muffins and a treat you wouldn’t expect. Since more than just people ride in cars, they offer a “doggie latte” and have a small jar of treats by the window for dogs.

If you’re on the go and looking for a quick caffeine fix, Cuppy’s is a great alternative to other gourmet coffee places with their giant lines. The ladies there are extremely friendly, and serve up some of the smoothest coffee I’ve tasted. Check it out for a nice change of pace when you’re on the road or just driving by.

Cuppy’s Coffee is at 3221 11th St., open 6 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday; 6 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday; and 7 a.m.-1 p.m., Sunday.

from the May 2-8, 2007, issue

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