Customize your wheels

The last time you purchased a vehicle, why did you buy a truck instead of a car? The draw was likely its functionality. Trucks handle better on long hauls, can tow pretty much anything, and offer enough space to transport lumber, garden supplies, furniture—pretty much anything you may need to carry.

When you bought your truck, you likely followed the dealer’s advice to protect the cargo bed with some kind of liner. So how is it standing up to the elements?

If you have a drop-in liner, lift it up and check to make sure the truck bed hasn’t started rusting because of trapped moisture, or gotten scratched since drop-ins tend to shift or vibrate. If you see any of these signs of wear, you may want to consider a spray-on bedliner. But this time, instead of choosing traditional black, how about spicing things up with a little color?

LINE-X Corporation is now offering LINE-X Xtra, the only color composite truck bed coating fortified with DuPont’s Kevlar. Soon to be widely available throughout a network of more than 500 professional LINE-X application centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, LINE-X Xtra can be applied in any color, from a vehicle’s factory-original paint color to contrasting shades for a personalized look.

Want to show your love of country? Transform your red truck into a rolling American flag by spraying the truck bed blue and the grille white. Or maybe you’d like to boast the team colors of your favorite sports or race team. And business owners have a new opportunity to customize their fleet of pickups with the company colors.

LINE-X Xtra opens up new opportunities for many other commercial, industrial, agricultural and marine applications, especially among brands and products that have specific signature color themes. Such applications include, but are not limited to:

Agricultural equipment such as tractors, utility vehicles and ATVs;

RVs and motor homes;

Trailers: boats, horses, personal watercraft and work equipment;

Marine applications: boat hulls, decks, ramps and cargo holds;

Sound system applications: speaker boxes for vehicles, studios and sound stages;

Farming: feed containers, storage tanks and silos;

Construction: non-skid flooring, decks, foundations, retaining walls and roofs; and

Outdoors: playground and park structures, ponds, dog runs and kennels.

LINE-X has more than 550 retail locations. For more information, log on to or call (800) 831-3232.

from the July 5-10, 2007, issue

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