Cut the crap-put our money where your mouths are

Cut the crap-put our money where your mouths are

By Ed Henry

Cut the Crap–

Put our money where your mouths are

If all of those blowhard politicians that are now screaming about every citizen’s right to vote, or how every vote should be counted, really meant it, we wouldn’t have had this latest presidential election mess. We would never have been arguing about chads, mistakes with machines, absentee ballots, recounts or anything else. And we wouldn’t have people like Jesse Jackson and Alcee Hastings running around complaining about everybody’s right to vote. A right that wasn’t granted to male citizens until the 15th Amendment of 1870 anyway.

In a presidential election, we would all have better and more reliable equipment like the optical scanners we enjoyed in Rockford. Individual voters would still have the responsibility of getting it right. Instructions would be at the lowest common denominator, but if people still screwed it up, the machines would throw back their ballots, stewards would tell them what they did wrong, and they would be given another until they either got it right or gave up and got bused home.

There is little doubt that the optical scanners are better than the old IBM punch card/scanner methods. We all know why some of the wealthiest areas of the country, like Palm Beach and the rest of south Florida, are still using the outdated methods. It’s the same reason Chicago uses the same old equipment. They can be contaminated and manipulated. They allow corruption.

In a federal election, the government could provide every precinct in the country with the improved optical scanners if they really put a little of our money where their mouths are:

Stolen Social Security Surplus vs.

New Voting Machines

Can you find the dimple? Do you see how ludicrous the complaints of our plutocrat pirates really are? This is the actual cost of installing optical scanners in every precinct in America.

How did I figure this? I did some quick and dirty research on the total cost of scanners in Rockford. From that, I found the cost per eligible voter to be about $4.65 per person, so I rounded up, allowing something for shipping and installation. Then I multiplied this $5.00 by the total 206 million eligible voters nationally, per the U.S. Census Bureau’s press release of Oct. 24, two weeks before the election. The total came to $1.03 billion. Even if I got this only half right, the dimple wouldn’t change much.

If you have any argument with this, remember that many areas of the country already have these units, so it really wouldn’t cost that much to provide them for everybody else, and maybe we could get reimbursed.

In the quest to elect a Chief Thief, this certainly seems the least the pirate crew could do, don’t you think? No doubt, they would try to split the deal on some sort of share basis because that’s the way their piker minds think.

Remember, the total that they’ve stolen from Social Security alone since 1983, when Alan Greenspan took it off the pay-as-you-go system in favor of a “partial reserve” system, has risen to $1.016 trillion in theft and interest thrown into the pit on top of our debit. And that’s only half of the entitlement money they rip off annually. Where did people think Al Gore was going to get the money to pay the national debt that he and his cronies have run up in the last 20 years?

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