Dan Voll’s Escandaloso!

Dan Voll has done it again, pure and simple. It is no wonder he is one of Rockford’s most in-demand guitarists and songwriters. As his new album proves, Voll will never get sick of entertaining the masses. Escandaloso!, produced by the multi-talented Mark Johnson, can be likened to eating gourmet Cuban food for the first time: spicy and exciting with a squirt of lime juice and a dash of cumin to really stir things up. Most of the songs on the 13-track disc are original, but Voll and Combo Loco do a rendition of Don Henley’s only (in my opinion) good song, “Hotel California,” that does more than justice to it. There are many different ethnic sounds incorporated in Combo Loco’s music these days, the predominant one being, as always, Latin American rhythms and instrumentation. Oddly enough, there are aspects of almost punk rock vocals and drums on track 8, “Griff A Riff,” and the group is not afraid to fuse some standard rock ’n‘ roll into the package using the steel pan on “Pinkie’s Luau” sends Escandaloso! aboard a cruise ship, which is ever so slightly cheesy but still tolerable and well-executed. All around, the album is a well-crafted, fun, energetic product of the best of Rockford. It’s definitely the kind of CD you can pop in for margarita and nacho night at your girlfriend’s apartment for a little dancing! As of yet, the only places you can pick up Escandaloso! are at Voll’s performances. That barely limits your access to the CD since he plays somewhere in the area about every night. Peruse the TRRT’s Music Calendar weekly, and you’ll see his name pop up all the time. Support your local music, patronize their products and enjoy Escandaloso!

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