Deafening silence follows Bears’ Super Bowl loss

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To me, the worst thing about the Chicago Bears losing the Super Bowl was the deafening silence immediately afterward. Usually after a Bears game, my phone doesn’t stop ringing for a while. Last Sunday night, Feb. 4, the phone never rang, not even a telemarketer.

Throughout the regular season and then during the playoffs, I would usually get from two to five calls from certain friends and family members following a Bears win. Most of the time, we’d end up going over several of the key plays together. We’d rhetorically ask one another questions we already knew the answers to: “Did you see the catch so and so made, or how about the hit (fill in the blank) made?” Of course, we saw those plays—we were both watching the same network coverage. Somehow, this post-game key play discussion made the win seem even better.

It must be the shared joy among friends and family. I tend to think of it as the verbal equivalent to a “high five.” This weekend, there wasn’t any shared joy, no verbal high fives came a calling. Instead, quiet solitude filled my living room.

I didn’t even get one single call from my friends who are “Packers Backers” or from Vikings fan Mike to say “I told you so!” Since I lost both of the wagers I made, I thought for sure one of those guys would call to remind me I owe them breakfast. These guys must have known I wasn’t in the mood for their ribbing. To them I say, good decision not to call. I definitely wasn’t in the mood.

As for my family and friends, I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to talk about Devin Hester’s opening kickoff return, Thomas Jones’ big run, Moose’s (Muhsin Muhammad) end zone grab or whether that Colts guy really was in or out of bounds. I sure would have loved to find out if you saw the same things I did. Had we ended up talking, that would have meant a whole different outcome to the game.

Since that wasn’t the case, I’ll look forward to hearing from you sometime soon. If I don’t answer, leave a message; I’m probably out buying breakfast, and I can guarantee it won’t be in quiet solitude. In fact, I’ll probably never hear the end of it.

From the Feb. 7-13, 2007, issue

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