Diamond Pet Foods unveils natural pet food line

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-11642174608951.jpg’, ‘Photo courtesy of www.humanesocietyofdickson.org’, ‘“We want to give owners looking for natural food options products for various stages in their pets’ life that promote overall health.”—Mark Brinkmann, chief operations officer for Diamond Pet Foods’);

META, Mo.—The trend toward healthy living that gained momentum in the 1990s has made its way to the doghouse.

As baby boomers increase their attention to health and wellness, these empty-nesters are also becoming more attached to their pets.

Add younger pet owners who purchase organic and natural foods for various reasons, and the result is a rapidly growing demand for high-quality, natural pet food product options.

Diamond Pet Foods is responding to this demand by introducing Diamond Naturals, a product line of 10 naturally preserved pet food formulations without corn, soy or by-products.

“We’re pet owners, too, and we understand the exceptional bond between people and their pets,” said Mark Brinkmann, chief operations officer for Diamond Pet Foods. “We want to give owners looking for natural food options products for various stages in their pets’ life that promote overall health.”

The Diamond Naturals product line offers general formulas, such as Lamb Meal & Rice and Beef Meal & Rice, in addition to formulas specialized for age and breed size, including Chicken & Rice Adult Dog, Small Breed Adult Dog Chicken & Rice, Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice, Large Breed 60+, Large Breed Puppy, Small Breed Puppy, and Senior 8+. An Indoor Cat formula with hairball control is also available.

All 10 Diamond Naturals formulas include antioxidants, which promote cellular health and fight against free radicals. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid balance is carefully formulated for skin and coat health and maintenance.

Both the large and small breed puppy formulas also include docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an Omega-3 fatty acid that is essential in the development of the brain and nervous system of young mammals. The body produces a limited about of DHA, so it is critical for puppies to consume the fatty acid in their diet. The product labels are conveniently color-coded to help pet owners quickly locate the best product for their pet.

Natural food sales are expected to reach more than $14 billion in 2006, indicating the demand for natural products continues to grow. In January 2006, Information Resources Inc. said 94 percent of American households had bought a natural product, and predicted the sector would show high single-digit growth over the next five years.

Pet owners appreciate the new natural choice.

“As a mom and a dog owner, I do my best to feed my family healthy, wholesome meals,” said Marianne Kelley, DVM, owner of Acme Dog and Cat Hospital in Oklahoma City, and Diamond customer. “My dogs are definitely a part of the family, too, so feeding them a natural product without by-products gives me confidence that I’m providing them with nutrient-rich, high-quality food.”

The quality and safety of Diamond Naturals is protected with a robust system of safety and quality control checks. Diamond Pet Foods follows a quality assurance plan that requires the product passes 151 safety and quality checks before its shipment to the customer.

Diamond Naturals is available at select Diamond Pet Food retailers. Distribution of the product line will increase in the coming months.

Diamond Pet Foods

Based in Meta, Mo., family-owned Diamond Pet Foods was founded in 1970. Diamond is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of super-premium dog and cat food and the top choice of professional breeders, sporting and working dog owners and family pet owners. More information about Diamond Pet Foods and its products is available at http://www.diamondpet.com.

From the Nov. 22-28, 2006, issue

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