Did Bush boys put

Did Bush boys put

By Ron Tenin

Remember election night when those crafty Bush boys seemed just a little bit “too sure” that the networks had mistakenly called the state of Florida for Al Gore? How could they be so sure that the networks were wrong? Did they have a dirty little secret? Were they counting on Chad buildup to deliver a fraudulent victory?

Vote fraud is as American as apple pie. Unfortunately! We even joke about the legendary exploits of the Daley clan. Were those Bush boys trying to even the score with Daley and the Democrats?

Truth about “CHAD” came from an unlikely source in Sunday’s legal showdown in a Tallahassee courtroom. It was the Bush team’s own expert who may end up putting Al Gore in the White House. Bush witness and vote machine patent holder John Ahlmann had boasted to attorneys how many patents he held on the voting machines.

Some smart Gore attorney quickly investigated what kind of patents this man held. This man invented new machines BECAUSE the old machines had serious flaws with chad buildup. Chad buildup interferes with voters casting a clean vote; thus, the plethora of dimpled chads and undervotes. There was written testimony from this Bush expert that he himself had pitched to the patent board many years earlier. Folks, I believe we have found the smoking “chad”!

How did these faulty machines find their way to Democratic precincts where a hefty vote for Gore was a sure thing? Was it by chance these machines ended up where they did? Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris (the top election official in Florida) had their fingerprints all over this one.

Perhaps this election fiasco will serve as a wake-up call to the American people. Has the American people’s trust in the system been taken advantage of? Is it time for the American people to remove their blinders and ask some important questions? Those Bush boys were just a little “too” sure of themselves election night, if you know what I mean. Wake up, America!

Ron Tenin is the owner of Rockford Furniture.

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