Discovering Wellness: Cultivating your truth – Part 2

Discovering Wellness: Cultivating your truth – Part 2

By Kimberly Kaye Castaneda ND, CHt, DD, RMT Truth and Wellness Facilitator

For those who may not have read last month’s column, 2003 will be devoted to “Cultivating Your Truth.” OK, I am assuming that you have purchased your journal, created your “Sacred Space” and “Safe Zone” and are ready to devote your 15 minutes a day to discovering the amazing person that you are.

This month we are going to create affirmations for the DAB’s work (Daily Affirmation Breaks). Divide a page into two columns, and in the first column title it NEGATIVE, in the second column title it POSITIVE. In the NEGATIVE column, I would like you to make a list of all of the (what you consider) negative aspects of your life and attributes about yourself that you would like to change.

Create a list pertaining to many areas of your life, for example, personal attributes, work, finances, home, relationships, goals, dreams, weaknesses, poor habits and anything else that you wish to add. After you are finished, you will need to read each NEGATIVE affirmation again and in the second column change it by rewording it into a POSITIVE statement. Make sure it is an “AS IF” statement, meaning that it is worded “AS IF” you have already manifested what you desire to have different. For example: NEGATIVE; “I don‘t earn enough income” or “I can’t pay my debts on time,” can be changed to a POSITIVE, “I earn more than enough income every day to care for myself and others.”

Affirmations can change your life. What you create with thoughts, both positive and negative, will become your life, in the present and into your future. The power of a thought when coupled with voice and then put into action or energy leads you into manifestation.

Everything we are, do, own, feel…all began with a simple or perhaps complex thought. Example: Thought…I like/want that ring…vocalize…“I am going to purchase that ring“…action…you pay for the ring with income (energy) that you have generated from working…end results…You own the ring that you desired.

You have just manifested the ring into your reality with a series of events that started with a single thought. Now if you can do this to achieve a ring, just think of the potential you have to manifest positive outcomes in all areas of your life.

But, on the contrary, you can also utilize this powerful energy to bring about negative outcomes in your life. Example: Thought…I am not smart…vocalize…“Why even try, life’s too hard“…action…quit school…end results…possibly a minimum wage job, homeless, unmotivated, unsuccessful, etc…a multitude of scenarios can derive from just that one negative thought.

Change your thought and you can change your reality. The thought can be viewed as either a precious tool or a lethal weapon. Thought has POWER. It can be CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE. It is your choice.

We all have an internal dialog running in our minds on a constant basis. This is what I call mental chatter. We can allow that voice to destroy us with negativity or we can give it AUTHORITY, VALIDATION and POWER for it to manifest for us, and allow us to be, the EXPRESSION and TRUTH of who we really are. A Divine Being!

I would suggest retyping or rewriting your affirmations on delightful paper using colorful ink and compiling them into a notebook, reading them NO LESS than once per day, out loud to yourself preferably while looking into a mirror, look into your own eyes and OWN YOUR POSITIVE STATEMENTS! You will find that over time, as you reach your goals, you will be adding to your affirmation notebook and in months and years later as you reflect, you will be amazed at the changes that have taken place in your life.

Please feel free to e-mail me from my Web site at: or if you wish to share your 2003 experiences with me through this process. You can go to the “CYT” page on the Web site to learn more.

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Kimberly Kaye Castaneda is a Naturopath who researches and teaches about the benefits of natural, non-invasive healing techniques and therapies. Her Washington D.C. registration and ANMA and ABH board certification and IAA accreditation with an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree; along with her degree and certifications in naturopathy states that she is qualified in the use of all natural forms of healing including: acupressure; aromatherapy; Bach flower remedies; chronic diseases; clinical microscopy; color therapy; emotional release therapy; Gua Sha treatments; herbology; homeopathy; hypnotherapy; live blood and dry layer cell analysis; nutrition; raindrop therapy; reflexology; reiki healing and truth and wellness facilitating. She is founder of the Cultivating Your Truth/Seminar/Workshops. She holds an honorable degree of Doctor of Motivation, and has been awarded the title of Pastoral Counselor and Minister. She has a private practice in Rockford at 521 N. Longwood Street. To schedule a private consultation or for reiki classes and attunements, emotional healing and self-discovery workshops and private sessions, motivational speaking engagements or for officiating wedding/clergy services; call (815) 963-1585. Ceremonies by UNITED WE STAND and/or DISCOVERING WELLNESS.

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