Do unto others

Do unto others

By Craig G. Campbell

Do unto others

I cannot recall in my life when I have seen so much governmental and public confusion in America. The passage of the USA Act of 2001, the Airport Security Act, the creation of the Homeland Security Council and the flurry of corporate bailouts, tax incentives and economic stimulus programs, shows a nation reeling in shock from September 11. Add to this the Bush administration’s need to market and maintain a tenuous war in Afghanistan, and it boggles the mind what is happening in America. Unfortunately, these actions are only a portent of greater problems ahead.

Since government is only an innocent mirror of the collective consciousness of the nation, our nation and civilization are in jeopardy. The responsibility for this state of affairs is not global terrorism, economic globalization or environmental degradation, but the lack of clarity and integrity in Americans’ life, individually and collectively.

All spiritual traditions, East or West, provide a clear barometer of personal and collective action: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Though this dictum appears self-righteous or vindictive, it simply points out that all thinking and behavior, like the laws of physics, have infinite consequences. As a nation, we seem to have forgotten this reciprocal mechanism at the basis of all historical events. Whether we understand this self-referral process or not, our history will come back to us, good or bad. Americans, however, seem to think that we have no history. That we don’t have to accept the responsibility of our individual and collective thinking. Seen in this light, our attempts to mitigate current events without considering their reciprocal effects, will have no success. History has taught us this lesson, time and time again.

The spiritual traditions above provide us with supreme examples of how to live a life of individual and collective integrity. Whether one prays, meditates or performs yagyas, it means that one must transcend the finite for the infinite if one is to find a solution to the current predicament of human and international affairs. The cosmos is giving us a clear lesson of what happens when we put our collective heads in the sand.

Craig Campbell is an independent writer, researcher and publisher.

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