Dr. Julia's Inn: Celebrating a successful cleansing, one year later

She walked into my office for a consultation, and, immediately, my heart went out to her. Her name was Anne, and, my God, she had to be only 45 years old. I noticed she was about 80 pounds overweight, having a hard time breathing, edema, eczema and extremely tired and run down. I see this look every day in my office—once a very vibrant woman, now just living day to day.

In her hands were her medical chart and lab work of her thousands of dollars worth of tests and scans that unsuccessfully told her nothing was wrong with her. She was on so much medication, and her doctor wanted to put her on one more. He told her something to the effect, “There is nothing wrong with you, Anne, it must be in your head.”

I thought this was very interesting, considering if there is nothing wrong with her, why was she on five meds? High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, water pill, many rounds of antibiotics—all of this with interactions that can make you ill.

I explained to Anne that I needed to do naturopathic testing so we could get to the root of the problem. Anne’s main problem effected all of her problems. Anne was internally dirty. Her colon moved, if she was lucky, once a week, she was very acidic, and had systemic candida. All of this was effecting her internal organs, and her health. Anne needed a good cleansing.

I took Anne into the colon hydrotherapy room, and showed her the black tar that is in our colons. I explained to Anne that this buildup is called mucoid plaque, and it gets on the walls of the large intestines and stops the absorption and assimilation of our nutrients. Basically, when this is in our bodies, we are dying of malnutrition. This plaque, in time, will make your body very toxic, and disease can happen.

After going over Anne’s medical charts and my testing, Anne decided to go on a seven-day cleanse. This cleanse is very intense, but it does start to remove the black tar. For seven days, Anne did not eat anything, but took many herbs throughout the day. She was pleasantly surprised that she was not hungry. Before the cleanse, I gave her a hydrotherapy session to make sure the bowels were moving so the cleanse would not bind her up. Then, she had an appointment to come back for another hydrotherapy session after the cleanse so I could make sure everything went well and to show her how much she had improved. Her improvement was amazing. She had lost 12 pounds, her sugar cravings were gone, her skin rash was completely gone, yeast infection was gone, she slept better and had a lot more energy.

It has now been one year since Anne walked into my office. This story is written on Anne’s one-year anniversary of working with me. She is off all meds, she is eating organic meats, off all dead processed foods, drinking healthy water, exercising and feeling great. She has lost her 80 pounds, and is loving life. Anne continues to do cleanses on a regular basis. Every time she does a cleanse, she is just amazed what comes out of her body.

Dr. Julia has a practice in Rockford. She can be reached at 962-3326 or by visiting her Web site at www.drjuliasinn.com.

From the Aug. 23-29, 2006, issue

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