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Did you know that if you’re like the average person you carry between five to ten extra, useless pounds of toxic waste, poison and pollution in your body?

Did you know that your overall health and well-being depends on how well your body eliminates those pesty culprits?

Toxins bombard people every day in the form of pollution, stress, pesticides, preservatives in food, secondhand smoke, etc. Plus, some people even choose to indulge in alcohol, cigarettes and junk food to make matters even worse.

These harmful substances were not meant to be in your body, and for optimum health you must actively do something to clean up the problem. If you don’t, no one else will, and those poisonous tyrants will be stuck forever inside, ultimately to show up through various illnesses and poor physical conditions.

In today’s fast-paced environment, with pollution, stress, diets filled with preservatives and unhealthy chemicals, your body gets assaulted by nasty toxins.

Sadly, if those toxins and poisons aren’t removed by properly functioning elimination systems, they stay trapped inside and negatively affect every organ and tissue in your body.

It’s called auto-intoxication, and it is a huge source of sickness, misery and disease in people around the world, just like you. This condition can rob you of clear thinking, energy, health and happiness.

Many illnesses and diseases are directly related to this auto-intoxication. For example, health problems from this condition include:

n High blood pressure

n Excessive weight gain

n Inability to lose weight

n Intolerance to alcohol and/or fatty foods

n Auto-immune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis

n Unstable blood sugar levels

n Sugar cravings

n Fluid retention and abdominal bloating

n Frequent headaches

n Depression and mood swings

n Bad breath and body odors

n Rashes and allergies, infections, or acne

n Nausea

n Poor circulation

n Backaches

n Muscle irritation

n Liver and kidney problems

n Fatigue.

When you clean up the cause of auto-intoxication, the symptoms will naturally disappear.

n To cleanse and oxygenate cells and colon

n Increase energy

n Improve mental acuity

n Help with weight loss

n Strengthen the immune system

n Enrich hair, skin and nails

n Detoxify (cleanse) the entire body

n Cleanse harmful toxins

n Prevent future build up of toxins

n Colon health (colon cancer)

n Improve digestion

n Improve stamina

You can get rid of these poisons from your body through specially formulated body-wraps and massage:

Body-wraps at Dr. Julia’s Inn come in two varieties.

First, I offer body-wraps for those clients with no excess body weight to actually lose, but who are still interested in smoothing their body’s contours, firming and toning, in reducing cellulite or inches, or in detoxification.

The second is for the person interested in losing excess weight and inches willing to follow a weight loss program.

Plus, I always recommend a healthy diet and exercise program.

How it works:

My Body-Wrap process is a treatment to aid in taking off inches, changing body shape, size, contour, as well as tightening and toning the skin. It involves wrapping your body with elastic, pliable bandages that are saturated with a specialized solution.

Your body-wrap solution choices include:

n Collagen

n Sea Clay

n Seaweed

n Oxygen

n Herbal

n Vitamin C

n Co-Q1O.

The treatment is applied to your specific areas of concern and needs.

My body-wrap process helps:

Women with loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes; women who need hips, thighs, and upper arms tightened and lifted;

Men with excess weight around the mid-section; and, of course, results will vary. A sensible diet and exercise program is highly recommended to follow along with body-wraps.


n Lymphatic Massage (60 minutes): This is a light rhythmic massage designed to increase the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system. It is particularly beneficial for anyone wanting to detoxify. It is especially recommended after an illness, or for those living in a stressed and polluted environment.

n Cranial Sacral (60 minutes): This very subtle work focuses on Improving the flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the head and spine. This can be extremely beneficial to people who suffer with headaches, chronic neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, and problems related to stress and tension.

n Soothing Stones Massage (75 minutes): Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy used by various cultures throughout the ages. Massaging the body using smooth, heated basalt river rocks and Swedish massage techniques, the body deeply relaxes as the warm stones melt away the tension and stress of living.

n Reflexology with a Stone (60 minutes): Reflexology is based on the theory that the feet are reflections of the entire body and that through massaging and working reflection points in the feet, the entire body benefits. We’ve added a twist to this traditional treatment. We begin with a soaking hot footbath in sudsy aromatic water. Then, we massage and work your feet using one of our hot, smooth, specially selected river rocks.

n Deep Cleansing Facial (60/90 minutes): This facial will revolutionize the way your skin feels. Knowing that beauty comes from within, you will connect with your inner self as your face is deeply cleansed, lovingly massaged and hydrated with the finest products and techniques. Allow your inner beauty to shine through.

n Custom Facial (60/90 minutes): Let us use our professional esthetician skills to evaluate your skin and create the perfect facial for your skin type. Pamper yourself, take care of your skin, and go home looking better than ever.

n Men’s Facial (60 minutes): This is a “real man” facial, using products designed especially for men. Enjoy steaming towels, face, scalp and hand massage, and a great toning after-shave. It’s wonderfully relaxing and great for the skin, too!

n Teen Facial (60/90 minutes): Learning to take care of your skin is especially important during the teen-age years. This treatment includes a cleaning and balancing facial, as well as important information on how to maintain that healthy glow throughout the years. This treatment is for teens 16 or older.

Remember, our bodies come with a complete system of checks and balances to determine which substances are useful and which are wasteful. In properly functioning elimination systems, a certain amount of detoxification should take place. Most people need help in the detox process, and that’s where I come in.

Terese Sartino-Dreger is a licensed cosmetologist, certified esthetician, and certified massage therapist.

For more information, call 815-282-0062, 962-3326 or e-mail terese@DetoxWorks.com

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