Dr. Julia's Inn Detoxing through the colon

Did you know that all disease starts in the bowel and constipation is a known culprit to many diseases?

Yeast in the gut and intestinal tract causes constipation. In the past, candida (an overgrowth of yeast) was seen as a health issue only for a select few. Now it is linked to repetitive antibiotics, oral contraceptives, the over-consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates. Many consider the widespread usage of antibiotics as a major contributor of candida. Antibiotics are designed to destroy harmful bacteria. However, they also destroy the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Unfortunately, antibiotics are prescribed for illnesses such as the common cold, but the cold is a viral infection, and antibiotics do nothing for such infections. An estimated 50 million unnecessary antibiotic perscriptions are written every year. Birth control pills have become a staple for many American women. Eighty percent of American women have used “the pill” at one time or another in their lives. According to the USDA, in 1989 the average American consumed the following:

n 134 pounds of refined sugar

n 365 servings of soda pop

n 200 sticks of gum

n 63 dozen doughnuts

n 60 pounds of cakes and cookies

n 23 gallons of ice cream

Just imagine what those findings would be today with 51 percent of the United States population overweight.

The solution

At Dr. Julia’s Inn, I choose to attack candida through education. I educate you on internal cleansing of the colon, where candida grows. Colon hydrotherapy is the safest and fastest way to get fungus, molds, yeast and bacteria out of your large intestine. I educate you on leaky gut sydrome. This is when food particles penetrate the bowel wall and enter the blood stream. I educate you on your diet, on the importance of ph balancing, on the importance of water, on the importance of stimulating your immune system by stimulating your lymphatic flow, and on the importance of supplementation to overcome candida.

If I can ever help you or a loved one find health through “Detoxing thru the colon,” please pick up the phone and call me. Your health is in your hands, and it is only a phone call away.

Dr. Julia is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Colon Hydrotherapist. She is the owner of Dr. Julia’s Inn. You can reach Dr. Julia at 8l5-962-3326.

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