Dr. Julia's Inn: Living longer through colon hydrotherapy

I get asked every day in my practice, “Dr. Julia, is it really possible to be able to live longer through colon hydrotherapy?” The quality of your life depends on many things, but what I believe is that the quality of life depends on the quality of food that you are eating, and you must detoxify the poisons from your system. The key to living longer and feeling better is internal cleansing.

Most people come to me because they are not getting answers from their medical doctor. To feel better, have more energy, get rid of the headaches, allergies, lose weight, get off antidepressives, you have to do internal cleansings. Even with a perfect lifestyle and diet, your body is long overdue for a good internal cleansing and detoxifying. You probably have no idea how much toxic buildup accumulates in your body. People who come to me for colon hydrotherapy are just shocked at what comes out of their large intestines. We are led to believe by the medical field that it is OK to have a bowel movement every two to three days. If we are eating three times a day, and our bowels are not moving three times a day, where is all of this waste going? It literally is staying in our intestines, rotting and putrefying. No wonder people have headaches, bad breath and body odor.

Have you ever been surprised how much dust accumulates on the top of your refrigerator, how much filth collects on your air filter, and how much crud accumulates on your water? This is all happening every day in our homes. Your body consumes the same quality of air and water that causes waste to accumulate in your home, but we consume a lot more than just the air and water in our homes. The quality of air when we go outside is filled with industrial toxins and fumes. Our food is filled with hormones, pesticides and chemicals. To remove all of these toxins, God has given us six main elimination, filtering and detoxifying systems. These systems are the colon, the liver, the lungs, the kidneys, the skin and our lymphatic system. All six systems are overworked and overwhelmed by the burden of our environment.

One of the most dangerous effects that occurs in our digestive system is self-poisoning. This occurs when fecal matter stays in the colon, rots and putrefies, causing bacteria and parasites to grow, which then causes disease. Dr. Bernard Jensen educates people on the importance of tissue cleansing. Every tissue of the body in some form or another touches the colon. If the colon is dirty, then the tissues are dirty, and then the organs are dirty. To clean the organs, the colon has to be cleaned. The worst case of a dirty colon is leaky gut syndrome. This then leads to the blood being dirty. No wonder so many people are tired when the fecal matter is going into their blood via tissues. No wonder so many people are on blood pressure medication when the quality of their blood is so tired and dirty. All the blood pressure medication will not clean the blood if it is coming from the colon.

If you have any of the following symptoms, these are signs of a dirty colon: constipation or diarrhea; frequent headaches; skin problems; lowered resistance to infection; general aches and pains; bloating and indigestion; sinus problems/asthma; lack of sexual response; yeast infections; menstrual problems; loss of memory; need for laxatives; overweight; lower back pain; fatigue; depression; insomnia; irritability; food allergies; swelling/edema; and bad breath.

Now, let’s look at that same question, “Dr. Julia, is it really possible to be able to live longer through colon hydrotherapy?” What do you think? As for me, I believe that death begins in the colon, so if I make my colon healthy and happy, how can I not make my life more healthy and happy?

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz is owner and operator of Dr. Julia’s Inn. She is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a colon hydrotherapist. You can hear her on WROK 1440 AM every other Wednesday from 10:30 to 11 a.m., reach her in her office at 815-962-3326 or her Web page, www.drjuliasinn.com.

From the July 6-12, 2005, issue

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