Dr Julia's Inn: Mad cow disease a threat

I recently saw a special on mad cow disease. The Discovery Channel had an interesting take on what we are not hearing from our farmers and our government. I feel that there are certain channels you can trust, and to me, the Discovery Channel is one of them.

When reading the newspapers and listening to the media, we are told that we cannot contract mad cow disease through our meat source. According to everything out there, mad cow disease is contracted by eating the spinal cords and the brains of diseased cows. Sad to say, this is not true. What I learned was that when a diseased cow is slaughtered, its remains are put in the feed of healthy cows. It was so pitiful to see poor baby calves so sickly taken to the slaughter houses, and their contaminated remains are animal byproduct feed. The film showed that most cattle are transported to as many as three or four different farms and factories in their lifetime. The speed with which most cattle ranchers and beef processors inspect the cattle creates an atmosphere of carelessness. Cattle raised in this type of environment are raised primarily to be fattened up with hormones and antibiotics to speed up their growth so they can be slaughtered sooner.

My breast cancer was estrogen related. When they use hormones to fatten up livestock, they are using estrogen injections. According to a recent naturopathy medicine magazine, one out of every two women now are having breast cancer, and this breast cancer is primarily estrogen related.*

I order meat from certified organic farmers. My meat source is not hormonally injected or pumped with antibiotics. My cattle are raised on sweet grass and hay. Cows raised in this environment do not eat high-protein animal waste and blood that is used to supplement non-organic animal feed.

Because diseased animal remains are added to feed, organic experts worry that unsafe neurological material that can carry mad cow disease will find its way into the feed. The fact that there has never been a single organically grown cow come down with mad cow disease, this does make sense.

We at Dr. Julia’s Inn receive organic meat once a month. If you are ever interested in ordering any, please feel free to call our office. Just a footnote: I heard on the news today that China is not accepting any of our chickens because of wasting brain syndrome. Kinda scary what is in our freezers at home.

Editor’s note: American Cancer Society statistics contradict the naturopathy magazine. They calculate a woman’s chances of contracting breast cancer according to age brackets. At age 20, a woman’s chance is one in 2,057; at age 30, one in 222; at age 40, one in 54; at age 50, one in 29; at age 60, one in 23; at age 70, one in 20.

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Colon Hydrotherapist. You can hear Dr. Julia on WROK the last Friday of the month at 10:30 a.m. You may reach Dr. Julia in her Rockford office at 962-3326, Web page www.pooppalace.com or e-mail her at JAMichniew@aol.com.

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