Dr. Julia's Inn: Medical pioneer treated cancer at viral level

Several weeks ago, I met with many of my colleagues for a wonderful day of networking and sharing. The lunch conversation turned to how many of our clients and patients are walking out of local hospitals with staph infections. Staph is a virus, and in my medical book that I keep in my colon hydrotherapy room, it states, and I quote, “all parasites are strictly viruses, and all viruses are strictly parasites.” Staph is a parasite, and without hesitation, I pulled out of my bag pictures that I had documented of a woman who had received a major staph infection in one of our local hospitals.

While talking about how I helped her treat this naturally, I told them about the Rife machine and how it combats viruses. You would have thought I was speaking Greek. My own colleagues had never heard of Royal Rife and Rife technology. In the book Politics in Healing, Daniel Haley, the author, speaks of 10 alternative cures for cancer and explains the suppression and manipulation of American medicine. Rife technology is one of the cures that is in his book.

The late Royal Rife was a medical visionary. Rife created a microscope that could see virus-size organisms and a radio frequency-emitting ray tube that could target and kill micro-organisms. Thus, he could treat many conditions, allowing patients to become free of whatever disease was ailing them. Rife’s “universal microscope” could magnify an object to 60,000 times its size, but more importantly, it allowed him to view a live virus. Using his microscope, Rife was able to see and identify the human cancer virus. Upon closer observation, he noticed that it carried a vibrational frequency.

Rife then realized that the electromagnetic frequency a specific organism carries can be destroyed. Because every cell vibrates at a specific and unique frequency, identifying that frequency, then increasing its amp, destroyed the organism. Using his technique, Rife was destroying viruses without harming surrounding tissues.

In 1934, Rife recruited 16 terminally ill cancer patients to determine frequencies appropriate for their particular cancers. Treatments were administered every three days, and at the end of 90 days, 15 of the 16 patients were completely cured. The final person was cured after an additional 30 days of treatment.

Rife technology is part of my life and has been since my breast cancer. The whole concept of Rife technology made sense to me. When I found out I had breast cancer, putting chemical therapy in my body did not make sense, but identifying my cancer with a higher frequency to kill it made sense. If you or a loved one would want to learn more about Rife technology, please feel free to call my office.

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz is a Registered Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Colon Hydrotherapist and a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is owner and operator of Dr. Julia’s Inn, and you may reach her in her office at 815-962-3326 or her Web site, www.drjuliasinn.com.

Editor’s note: The story of Rife’s discovery and its suppression by mainstream medicine is documented in the book The Cancer Cure That Worked: Fifty Years of Suppression by Barry Lynes, published by Marcus Books, 1987. The Rockford Public Library informs us that it is not available in the Northern Illinois Library System but could be obtained from another state through interlibrary loan.

From the Sept. 14-20, 2005, issue

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