Dr. Julia's Inn: Parasites—the backyard predator

Recently, I was in northern Wisconsin taking some educational classes and furthering my education on cancer and parasites. I met this very interesting gentleman with a very interesting business. His name was Gerry, and the name of his business was Pet Waste Removal Service. With my business card stating “poopalace Got Poop?”, we both knew right away we had something very much in common.

Gerry explained that when his daughter Rachael was very young, she was playing in a neighbor’s yard, and that night she became violently ill. Gerry rushed her to the emergency room, and they informed him there was nothing wrong with his daughter and sent them home. The medical doctors played around with his little girl for three months, putting her on one antibiotic after another. Finally, he had enough and took his daughter to a herbalist/naturopathic doctor in Michigan. Within 48 hours of getting her on a program, she was doing better, and within two months, she was back to her old self.

Because of this, many things opened up for Gerry: his new belief for medical services and his new belief in natural medicine. Gerry went back in time in his mind to try to figure out how Rachael got parasites. He educated himself and realized that when pet waste is not picked up from the back yards, humans can pick up diseases such as giardia, roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm, just to name a few. These diseases can be found in the soil from the waste, and by not keeping your yards clean, families and their children will not be able to maintain their health while playing outside.

I then educated him holistically. I told him that in my medical books that I keep in my office for references, it states that all parasites are strictly viruses and all viruses are strictly parasites. Look at all the viruses out there, and if only they were treated with a parasitic cleanse, how easy that would be.

I have a video that I purchased from the Discovery Channel. I show it in my office when I do talks about health. It literally shows how easily one can pick up parasites. One of the main ways of picking them up is by contact with animal waste products in your own back yard. Walking barefoot, working outside, cleaning the yard under trees and bushes, not wearing gloves. Our yards are a big litter box for rabbits, squirrels, birds, cats, dogs and whatever else chooses to come and do their business. Parasites are a big health problem. We deworm our dogs, cats and horses; why do we not deworm ourselves?

Money. It all has to do with the almighty dollar. Educate yourself and your loved ones, and try doing a parasite cleanse as a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning. You will be pleasantly surprised as each year passes on how much healthier you feel. Allergies, eczema, fungal problems, just to name a few, will all disappear. Just think, putting your health into your own hands—what a novel concept.

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