Dr. Julia’s Inn: Wisdom from an old book: Eat right and be young at 70

Not long ago, I went to visit my son in Chicago. While I was there, we went to a used book store. I love old books, especially the old, wise health books. I ran across a wonderful book called Youth at Seventy.

The book was written in 1920, and the introduction states, “The knowledge contained in this book should be taught in every grammar school in the country.” The very next paragraph states that if you eat the right food and give your body the proper care, you are bound to have good health and keep your youth. Conversely, if you persist in eating the wrong food and disobeying the laws of nature, you are bound to be sick and grow old years before the proper time.

The people who live the longest and have the best health are the ones who live closest to the laws of nature, which cannot be broken with impunity. If you break the laws of nature, you must pay a penalty—and that penalty is sickness, disease, old age and death many years before your time has come.

Well, that says a lot. Read that again, and realize what you read is true. Think about it, especially in the following contexts:

If you overeat by eating too much rich food too often, you increase your chances of getting gout;

If you are eating foods that are very high in acid and eating the wrong foods in the wrong combination, you increase your chances of heartburn; and

If you are eating foods that, for whatever reason, are not digesting, you are suffering from indigestion.

Throughout this little book, the author, Wm. E. La Rose, talks about colonic flushes. Every disease or ailment—from acid stomach to asthma, to blood disease to bronchitis, to constipation to gout, to high blood pressure to indigestion, to on and on—still go back to colonic flushes. If the bowel is dirty, then you are ill, and you have broken the laws of nature.

La Rose shows readers a demonstration of how to properly give themselves a colonic flush, and explains why it is so important for people to get poisons out of their system. All blood diseases are caused by a dirty colon leaking into the blood stream, for example.

Just what are these laws of nature? La Rose states you can do more for yourself by obeying the laws of nature than all the doctors in the world can do for you with their drugs and medicine. Following are the six laws of health cited in the book:

Eat right;

Exercise right;

Drink right;

Sleep right;

Breathe right; and

Think right.

It’s that simple! How many of us do all of these? Or should I ask, how many of these laws do you break on a daily basis?

Man is made of 16 elements. Our bodies are made of cells, which are made of tinier atoms. These tiny atoms are subdivided and made of still tinier molecules and electrons. It is beyond the imagination of man to conceive just how small these electrons are.

These cells and their tinier subdivisions are composed of the following 16 elements: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sodium, sulphur, silicon, iron, potassium, hydrogen, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, calcium, magnesium, chlorine and manganese.

And all of this is put together and composed in our body by the “Spark of Life.”

Now, what foods give us these elements? By looking at the list here, it is fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteids. Yes, the author calls them proteids, not protein. Your dead white bread, dead white sugar, dead candies, and dead doughnuts are not on the list of the elements of what we are composed of. A dog fed on white bread and water will die in 20 days, and yet we are trying to live on food that will kill our animals.

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in colon hydrotherapy. She can be reached in her Rockford office at 815-962-3326, or you may visit her Web site at www.drjuliasinn.com.

From the Dec. 7-13, 2005, issue

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