Driver’s comment brings police

Driver’s comment brings police

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

A recent incident in New Jersey points up the developing mentality in this country in the wake of Sept. 11. It happened aboard a Greyhound bus bound from Philadelphia to New York.

Somewhere around Marlboro, N.J., the bus encountered heavy traffic. The passengers became restless at the delay and began berating the bus driver.

The driver, frustrated at his inability to proceed and irked by the harassment, told the passengers he was taking them “to the Taliban.”

Cell phones went into action, and the startled driver shortly found his bus surrounded by 18 squad cars and a cadre of police with guns drawn. They demanded everyone get off the bus with their hands up, including the driver.

A spokeswoman for the bus company said it was cooperating with the authorities.

One individual, who read the story in his newspaper, commented: “This is another example of the disintegration of common sense in America. Pathetic. There will be more episodes like this … and in all likelihood, there will be shooting—and deaths of innocent people—sooner or later. The passengers should have been firmly put in their place by Greyhound for hassling the driver.”

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