Eau Gallie Gallery in Rockton hosts summer show

Eau Gallie Gallery of Rockton presents its new Spring and Summer Show featuring more than 50 regional artists. If lilies sprouting by the city’s walkways and pots of tulips in the grocery store stir your desire for spring, then stop in at Eau Gallie Gallery’s new show.

While Eau Gallie Gallery offers a wonderful range of painting styles, topics and realism to abstraction, the feeling of warmer days seems strongest in its floral offerings. One of these paintings can bring spring into your home or office and keep it there throughout the year.

Kay Kenter’s acrylic is one such piece. “Reunion of our Spirits” takes an abstracted look at Monet’s palette and brushwork. Soft and vibrant, she captures the feeling of the season. Is it a landscape, a lush garden or soaring view of sky and trees? It doesn’t matter, of course. That Kenter plays with your imagination in such a beguiling way is the essence of this piece.

The presentation of Mary Ann Tonchia-Coti’s “Victorian Gold” defines this muted and satisfying floral. Painted on its glass, an old, slightly abused window frame sets the stage for the decorative, and a bit primitive, bowl of flowers. Grays, mauves and a whisper of gold pulls together the time-worn and time-honored look of the piece.

Then there is Catherine Lundstrom’s “One Banana Escaped!” This realistic oil painting of bananas wrapped in supermarket cellophane is a rich, sunny and extremely competent painting. The dash of humor is that the wrapping has been broken and one banana is missing. What a painting for a kitchen or breakfast nook.

Love tulips? Deborah Newton gives the illusion of peach tulips in her “Rapture in Bloom.” Taking the 1950’s technical inspiration of Helen Frankenthauler, Newton has adapted her great washes of color on unprimed canvas to her own refreshing, personal style. Images weave in and out of the canvas, never fully disclosing themselves, yet tantalizing the viewer.

Kristine Ball takes the floral genre and twists it one more time. Her offering is a realistic watercolor of a calla lily, but first you appreciate the painting’s design, then puzzle over its content. Finally, one comes to realize that you are looking down on one perfect, yellow calla lily and its beautifully designed foliage. This narrow, vertical portrait of a plant is placed, like a medallion, on a field of crisp white watercolor paper, making it an unusual, iconic image.

As Eau Gallie Gallery moves toward its second year of operation, it offers a wide range of original artwork—from incredible animal paintings to moody landscapes. Every home deserves original paintings on its walls. Every child should grow up surrounded by original art. When you think of decorating, choose a painting you love first and decorate around it. This Spring and Summer Show at Eau Gallie Gallery has just the right painting for your perfect room.

The gallery is located in a historic corner building at 101 W. Main St., Rockton. It is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Phone 624-6442 or visit their Web site: www.eaugalliegallery.com for more info.

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