Economic darkness

In Ed Wells’ latest column in the Rockford Register Star, “Government all we have left—expect it to act,” he says that we no longer have a “… shining corporate knight to lead us out of our economic darkness,” and “government is all we have left.” Firstly, all corporations are a creation of the federal government. There are no exceptions to that rule.

Secondly, I wonder who the “we” is. Could Mr. Wells possibly think that having a job in a corporation guarantees wealth, or is he making reference to the tax dollars paid to government? As a former employee of several corporations, I challenge that it is any corporation’s concern whether “we” or the government are “led out of economic darkness.” A corporation’s primary concerns are, in order of importance, profit increase, the bottom line, the continued exclusionary success of the corporation, and the image of propriety. Mr. Wells says further that it is our government’s obligation to provide the following: “… a climate favorable to business.” “… an environment of safety for all its citizens.” “… access (to) opportunities within our system.”

I am curious to know what law obliges our government to provide such “services,” or any service for that matter? What law commands the people of Rockford to accept services? I know of none. LAW, not code or statute. There is a difference.

If there is no law, then it stands to reason that Mr. Wells believes that our government has a MORAL obligation to carry us all along through life. If the obligation is moral, it is voluntary. I personally reject the notion that We the People should be led by, and, as a result, be held accountable to local, state, or federal government. I have said ad nauseam that WE are in charge of our government, NOT our government in charge of us. Unfortunately, there are few who are willing to take public servants to task to reinforce that fact. It is my humble opinion that every American man, woman and child should immediately stop waiting for government to lead them anywhere, including out of an imaginary “economic darkness.”

Rick Jones is a local resident.

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