Eden Foundation to host Kid’s Castle workday

The Eden Foundation, 531 Division Ct., will host the first Kid’s Castle workday Saturday, Aug. 2, at 11 a.m.

The Kid’s Castle, which will be displayed at On the Waterfront, will feature programs and games that will educate kids about the advantages of reclycing and the importance of environmental awareness. Volunteers are needed to help with the construction of Kid’s Castle items such as papier mache stones, trees and other rainforest-type decor. Some of the activities in mind for kids to participate include learning how to compost and sorting recyclables. Other ideas will be discussed during the workday.

“We want to teach kids to live in a way that’s not so wasteful,” said Robin Rybarski of the Eden Foundation.

Eden Foundation, according to Karen King, recycling coordinator for On the Waterfront, is an old crack house near Jane Addams projects that has been transformed into a place where kids can play, learn, and get away from enclosed living. The foundation also teaches kids about the importance of reusing materials. Rybarski said the foundation hosts a bike clinic where old bikes that have been thrown away or donated are fixed up and given to neighborhood children. In many cases, the neighborhood kids help in the restoration process. Rybarski said the foundation is also in the process of building a greenhouse out of old windows that have also been thrown out or donated.

Rybarski said Eden Foundation has a plethora of future plans in mind. She said the foundation would like to have a bus to take kids places that exemplify a natural environment such as Rock Cut State Park. Rybarski said they would also use the bus to take mothers who have no means of transportation to the grocery store. She also said they would like to build a permanent stage to give kids a place to put on plays and presentations.

For more information on the Eden Foundation or the Kid’s Castle Work Day, contact Karen King at 964-4388.

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