Editorial: Dig Bush out of Iraq; Iran's bottomless

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-117027450131221.jpg’, ‘Photo courtesy of www.wsws.org’, ‘Tens of thousands of protesters against President George W. Bush’s plan to send additional troops to Iraq marched in Washington, D.C., Saturday, Jan. 27. Peace activists, Iraq war veterans, families of soldiers killed or wounded in the war, Democrats, students, film and TV personalities—even active members of the armed forces—attended, with as many as 250,000 reported by organizers. ‘);

As a lackluster and pleading State of the Union Address demonstrates, President George W. Bush doggedly adheres to disaster, hopelessly entrenched in the failed neo-con adventure in Iraq. Congress must finally perform its constitutional duty and dig him out, even if he is kicking and screaming his psycho-rhetorical sound bites. Public opinion must come to bear on the unbearable—the loss of innocent civilian lives (minimum of 55,000), the maiming and burning of our wounded young men and women (minimum of 23,114) and the deaths of our young men and women (3,081)—for absolutely nothing. To add insult to indecency, this war was predicated on “faulty” (being very generous) “intelligence.”

Polls show 70 percent of the American people do not approve of his troop “surge.” Cut the rhetorical crap and say “escalation.” Cut the rhetorical crap of “War on Terror,” and say, “War All The Time,” say, Never Ending War,” say, “War to create Terrorism,” as more and more followers of the Islamic faith abandon moderate secularism and convert to fundamentalism because the assertions of the Osama bin Ladens ring true, and we occupy or dominate their holy lands and crusade for “democracy.”

Bush’s imposition of “democracy” is an oxymoron, with an emphasis on moron. “Freedom” must “move forward” willingly. Democracy must be a grassroots, indigenous process, which may or may not be the ideal for other cultures. We can’t force tribal cultures to be exactly like us. Get used to it. When we do, they retain the worst elements of our nature: arrogance and ruthlessness.

Just as anyone cannot live his or her next-door neighbors’ lives for them, or dictate what they do in every instance, we must remove ourselves from the living room of Iraq. Just because you think your neighbor might shoot you, doesn’t give you the right to walk over to his or her house and shoot him or her, in a “pre-emptive strike.”

Not so for George W. Bush. No rule of law for him; he just begins to spin the facts, again. As the nation begins to really wake up to the disaster of this war, out whirls George’s web on Iran, the next neighbor, howdy! Most experts agree, Iran will not have the full capacity to produce a nuclear weapon for at least five years to a decade. Yet, Bush beats the drums of war, in fact, by attacking the Iranian Consulate in Kurd territory. Then, he announces we are now beginning to pursue Iranian combatants in Iraq. “Why haven’t we before?”—stands as a good question. Add in the amping up the ante with the deployment of our second aircraft carrier strike group off the shore of Iran.

Just type in “Aircraft carrier fleet Iran” on Google and be ready to get frightened. Or go to www.globalresearch.ca, or go to www.informationclearinghouse.info/article7147.htm and read “Iran: A Bridge Too Far?”

At those sources, you’ll read about how China is none to happy with our buildup. You’ll read about how the Iranians are deploying mines in their waters. You’ll read about Russian anti-ship cruise missile technology superior to our own, and the capabilities of the SS-N-22 Sunburn, not to mention the French Exocet missile. You’ll read about how the Straits of Hormuz can be shut down, cutting off all oil traffic to the Persian Gulf. You’ll read about Israel’s fleet of 25 F-15s—it’s brand new and paid for with your tax dollars, and it’s practicing long-range flights by flying to the Straits of Gibraltar.

While Bush makes nice with talk of diplomacy with our European allies, he unconditionally backs Israel, and except for a few window-dressing trips by Conde Rice, has abandoned the peace process.

Thank God for President Jimmy Carter and his new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. Finally, we have an American leader who is looking at both sides of that question. He has taken severe criticism from the Israeli lobby in the U.S. for including the word “Apartheid” in the title, but he holds up well, as should be expected from the last person to bring us a peace agreement between those parties.

We must understand that the Arab world sees us as the enemy because Bush has abandoned any modicum of Carter-like balance. While we must never abandon Israel, we must restrain it in Iran, and address at least some of the concerns of the Palestinians.

How to begin? First, you must really push Bush out of his hole in Iraq by pressuring Congressman Don Manzullo and Illinois senators Barack Obama and Dick Durbin. Fax or e-mail their offices today to get us out of Iraq. Advisory resolutions are weak. As with Vietnam, only the unsavory methods of capping troop levels and yanking the purse strings will work. Urge Congress to work fast. Stress, stress, stress any action against Iran is unacceptable, and also stress you do not put it beyond Bush and the neo-con artists to start the war and then say Iran did it first. Urge hearings on our war plans for Iran, now!

The Dick Cheneyed neo-cons know their influence is waning with only two years left of Bush’s incompetence. They want to move soon. Stop them, or Iraq will look like a sandbox compared to Iran’s bottomless pit of saltwater and fire.

The money that never reached New Orleans or our Gulf Coast is being pounded into the sand of Iraq. Don’t let more of our treasure and precious lives end up at the bottom of a fiery Persian Gulf, with nuclear consequences. Look at the Doomsday Clock.

Act today. Depending on the source, from 100,000 to 500,000 protesters gathered to say “Get out of Iraq” in Washington, D.C., and around the nation last Saturday. Did you know that? Most of the corporate media has really downplayed it because their interests are so intertwined with the military-industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about. Act now, the last election was a start, but don’t get complacent and wait for Congress to act. They’re slow starters. Call, fax, e-mail them. Light a real fire for “freedom” here at home today. Organize your own protests today, and send your money to groups protesting the war in Iraq—today, before Bush burns us all in Iran.

From the Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2007, issue

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