Education as a means to stop terrorism

Education as a means to stop terrorism

By By Tony Lamia

Americans supporting the terrorists! Can you believe it? Yes, it’s true. And it’s being taught to our children in American public schools! Not overtly, but disguised in the form of multiculturalism. Such teaching puts ethnic origin above the rule of law and principles of democracy. It promotes hatred for Western civilization, encouraging some Americans to believe that terrorist attacks are justifiable!

Public educators today are becoming more and more like social engineers rather than purveyors of truth and knowledge. They are instilling in the minds of our youth their personal views, which are ever increasingly socialistic, anti-American and anti-religious. They can do this because most parents have no effective means to send their children to private schools.

Multiculturalism is based on the premise that students must stop thinking that Western civilization is superior to others. It feeds ideas such as reparations for slavery and affirmative action, which hold back minorities from advancement. Many public school teachers actually promote Islamic views while steadfastly avoiding Christian teaching. Educators oppose challenges to the theory of evolution. Promoting aberrant sexual activities among teenagers is not out of the realm of some curricula.

Multiculturalists are such true believers in their agenda that they think nothing of changing the traditional interpretation of literature and rewriting history. Shakespeare’s Othello, for example, is not about jealousy (the traditional interpretation), it’s about a black man struggling in a white society. Some teachers want to change the history of Texas to appease students of Mexican heritage. Never mind the truth—the cause is more important!

Taken to the next level, true believers even justify murder to advance their way of life, which leaves room for no one who even thinks differently. Force is the only method to mold the populace into the chosen way of life, be it socialism, Islamism, communism, (extremists insert here the views you want to shove down other people’s throats until they like it, or choke to death on it, whichever comes first!).

Our war on terrorism must include doing all we can to persuade Arab leaders to stop anti-American teaching by their clerics. But what should be done about American schools?

The answer is school choice. I believe that will result in a balanced curriculum. Teachers who want to impose their views would have to bite their tongues for fear of losing their jobs!

Tony Lamia is the author of Blame It On The System.

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