Emotional healing through Bach flowers

Emotional healing through Bach flowers

By Kimberley Casteneda

By Kimberly Kaye Castaneda, ND, CHt, DD, RMT

Truth and Wellness Facilitator

In the late 1920s, Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned British scientist and physician, found that the plant world held the answers, because of their healing properties, to restoring vitality to the emotional and then physical body. In his many years of research, he observed that his patients’ states of mind were directly related to their physical illnesses. Dr. Bach developed 38 NATURAL REMEDIES to alleviate every negative state that he identified. Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. This does not mean that there are only 38 states of mind, but that there are 38 basic states of mind which can, in combination with each other, make hundreds of variations. A useful analogy is with the world of color. There are only three basic colors (red, blue, yellow), yet many variations can be produced when they are used in combination.

Dr. Bach noted that apprehension, worry, loneliness, boredom, depression, hate, uncertainty, hopelessness and fear inhibited one’s natural healing powers and ability to prevent disease. Unlike traditional medicine’s approach to treating only the symptoms, Bach believed that the way to truly cure an illness was to address the underlying emotional causes of the disease. The remedies are not used directly for physical complaints but for the sufferer’s emotional well-being, but because negative emotions can greatly hinder recovery of physical health, they are recommended as a complementary therapy to your health and wellness regimen to prevent sickness and disease from manifesting in the system.

During an initial consultation with a practitioner, you will discuss your emotional difficulties in order to find the most prevalent of them. To select the remedies, the practitioner, with your help, will need to determine the type of person you are, your characteristics and the ways in which you are feeling. A combination remedy will be made up specifically for each individual.

Bach Flower Remedies can be taken safely by people of all ages, babies through adulthood, and even pets and plant life can benefit as well. There are no adverse side effects, although one can experience a healing crisis at the onset of use, due to the fact that deeply repressed emotions are brought to the surface and peeled away one by one, so that the person can deal with, feel and free them.

The remedies are not contraindicated for those who are on prescription medications. They are entirely positive and do not cause side effects or aggravations, and therefore cause no harm when taken simultaneously. When the problem that is being treated has been released and healed, the remedies can be discontinued without worry of needing to wean oneself from them, as with many conventional drugs such as antidepressants, which, in my opinion, are used only for masking emotional stress.

Below is a questionnaire that can aid you in determining whether or not you could benefit from the remedies. If you check any of the questions below and can identify quite strongly with them, then I recommend that you contact a certified practitioner to learn more about the remedies and their uses.

1. Do you use alcohol, drugs, food or work to escape pain, meanwhile putting on a happy face? Do you find it hard to share your inner self?

2. Do you experience panic attacks or have feelings of anxiety?

3. Are you intolerant or judgmental of others?

4. Do you allow others to take advantage of you, and find it hard to say no ?

5. Do you feel incapable of making your own decisions? Do you usually seek advice from others?

6. Do you feel compulsive, obsessive or out of control?

7. Do you repeat destructive patterns in life?

8. Are you overly possessive of others, always demanding attention?

9. Do you live in a fantasy world, trying to escape reality ?

10. Are you comfortable with the way you look? Do you feel mentally and physically unclean?

11. Are you overwhelmed by responsibilities?

12. Are you easily discouraged and know why? Do you make mountains out of molehills?

13. Do you feel hopelessness and despair? Do you feel like just giving up?

14. Do you feel unhappy when you are alone? Do you feel the need to talk about yourself and your problems to anyone who will listen?

15. Do you feel hatred, jealousy or envy, especially when you’re not getting the love you desire?

16. Do you dwell on the past, past loves or ambitions?

17. Do you feel that you can carry on normal daily tasks? Do you procrastinate?

18. Do you have patience when working with others?

19. Do you have confidence in your abilities? Do you hold back from attempting to do things for fear of failure?

20. Do you have fears or phobias (for example: fear of heights, the dark, public speaking, water, being alone, etc…)?

21. Do you feel overshadowed by gloom or despair for no apparent reason?

22. Are you a fighter who never gives up despite hardships?

23. Do you feel mentally and physically exhausted?

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24. Do you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong? Do you harbor feelings of guilt?

25. Do you worry excessively about loved ones?

26. Do you feel frightened or terrified? Do you have feelings of shock or hysteria?

27. Are you excessively hard on yourself? Do you deny yourself life’s pleasures?

28. Are you indecisive? Do your moods change drastically or do you feel out of balance?

29. Do you feel tremendous grief or trauma? Do you refuse to allow others to console you?

30. Do you feel that you have reached your limit of mental anguish or despair?

31. Do you feel the need to convince others of your beliefs and ideas? Are you overbearing in doing so?

32. Are you domineering? Do you expect others to do things your way?

33. Are you in a time of transition, in a situation where you have to adapt to new beginnings? Do you find yourself under peer pressure or the influence of others?

34. Are you a loner? Do you find it difficult to form close relationships with others?

35. Do you experience sleepless nights, where thoughts race over and over in your mind?

36. Do you feel dissatisfied and uncertain of your direction in life, but feel strongly that you need to accomplish something important?

37. Do you feel that you are stuck in a rut, with no way to improve your situation?

38. Do you feel that life has been unfair to you, causing resentment and bitterness?

Bach Flower Remedies have been used for nearly 70 years. Perhaps, like acupuncture, herbal therapies, chiropractic and other forms of therapies finally gaining popularity in the West, Bach Flower Remedies will be judged not by understanding why they work, but simply observing that they do work and can act as catalysts to alleviate the underlying emotional causes of stress. They work subtly and gently to restore emotional balance and calmness to one’s soul. By discovering the remedies, you will be DISCOVERING WELLNESS.

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Kimberly Kaye Castaneda is a naturopath who researches and teaches about the benefits of natural, non-invasive healing techniques and therapies. Her Washington, D.C. registration and ANMA and ABH board certification along with her degree and certifications states that she is qualified in the use of all natural forms of healing including: acupressure; aromatherapy; Bach flower remedies; chronic diseases; clinical microscopy; color therapy; emotional release therapy; Gua Sha treatments; herbology; homeopathy; hypnotherapy; live blood and dry layer cell analysis; nutrition; raindrop therapy; reflexology; Reiki healing; truth and wellness facilitating. Kimberly Castaneda, N.D. has a private practice in Rockford located at 521 N. Longwood St. To schedule a private consultation or for Reiki classes and attunements, emotional healing and self-discovery workshops and private sessions or wedding services, call (815) 963-1585. DISCOVERING WELLNESS.

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