Exploring Blood’s Point Cemetery

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//img-ho8PowdkkB.jpg’, ‘Photo by Melissa Wangall’, ‘The gates to Blood’s Point Cemetery in Flora Township just outside of Belvidere.’);
StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//img-DUxuE0Ssy1.jpg’, ‘Photo by Melissa Wangall’, ‘The keeper’s shed at Blood’s Point Cemetery is rumored to be haunted.’);

Blood’s Point Cemetery. Just the name sends haunting thoughts and images through one’s mind. Spending my teen years in the general area of this locale, I was subject to many tales of horror about this burial ground.

I was told stories of how if one entered the cemetery, they were granted images of ghosts and sounds of mysterious noises. It was said that electrical equipment would fail and that roguish spirits would chase you out. I was also regaled with accounts of satanic rituals involving the sacrifice of animals.

I was curious about the place and found myself, along with some friends, investigating the matter at dusk one fall night. The camera I had brought didn’t fail, but the flash kept flashing, even when that function was turned off. The pictures, however, came out normal, showing some very old intricate headstones. We didn’t see any ghosts, but did receive a very creepy feeling when near the keeper’s shed in the far corner of the graveyard, also said to be haunted. As dusk turned into night, we decided that if there were any ghosts lingering around, we didn’t need to be witness to them. We quickly jumped back into the car and sped off.

As I grew older, I still had my reservations about the place, and decided to delve into more investigating. With a stop at the Boone County Historical Museum, I discovered that the name, Blood’s Point, has a very unscary history. In the 1830s, Arthur Blood became the first white settler in Flora Township, giving his name to the cemetery and the road that leads to it.

I decided I was courageous enough to revisit the cemetery by myself. I questioned Orrie and Pat Helverson, adjacent neighbors to the cemetery, who between them have lived in the close vicinity for the last 30 years. I first asked about any haunting they might have been witness to. They assured me that the weirdest thing that had ever happened in the cemetery was kids making their own inquiries. I sheepishly accepted this answer.

I then questioned them about animal sacrifices that may have taken place. They said that if there have been any, they have not been aware of them. There is also no record of any such occurrences in local papers or at the historical museum. A police record inquiry was proven off limits. It would not be unreasonable to ponder any such occurrences, given the name of this cemetery. But there are no such accounts available to the public. But the Helversons did inform me of vandalism that has occurred, including stolen road signs (which are now abbreviated to Bl Pt, instead of Blood’s Point) and broken tombstones. The broken tombstones are a sad fact, because this cemetery does have a lot of history in it, accommodating 12 known veterans of the Civil War plus one nurse of the times. It is also still used today for burials.

All the facts say that Blood’s Point Cemetery is not haunted, and this is most likely true. But I still would not be willing to visit this local resting place anytime past nightfall.

Editor’s note: Please respect the graves of those buried at Blood’s Point Cemetery. Local police do patrol the area, especially during the fall.

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