Facing life after loss–new book by Rockford author addresses grief

Facing life after loss–new book by Rockford author addresses grief


WHITEFISH, MONT.—For years we have been told that there are five specific stages every person must go through to come to terms with their grief. Some people run through the stages quickly, forcing themselves to move on with their lives. Others linger in one stage or another for years, never quite finding the strength to move on.

For author Olivia Diamond, her greatest challenge to overcome came with the mental illness and suicide of her 20-year-old daughter. From that moment on, Diamond had to confront the grief that could have easily controlled her life. The result of coping with her grief led Diamond to pen Blue Angel (now available from 1stBooks Library).

The title for Blue Angel came from a memory Diamond had of being the only angel to show up in a blue dress on First Holy Communion Day at St. Mary of the Angels Church in Chicago. As a young girl, she begins a quest to learn everything she can about angels, finally focusing on the idea that when an angel chooses to become incarnate, the results could be tragic.

Blue Angel covers a six-year period in the author’s life. The message in Blue Angel is that nothing happens for nothing. While Blue Angel is primarily for anyone who has suffered a heart-wrenching loss of a loved one, the message is universal. Diamond puts it best when she says, “There are no endings, only beginnings in the pinwheel of prayer.”

Olivia Diamond was born in Chicago in 1947 and educated at Northern Illinois University and the University of Missouri. She has been a writer since age 18. When her daughter died in 1990, Diamond turned to the empty page to work through her loss, relating to the smallest detail the stages of her grief process and how she was able to recover and face life again after her terrible tragedy.

Diamond is the author of Land of the Four Quarters: A Poetic History of the Incas (Northwoods Press, 1994), Woman at the Well (originally published by the American Studies Press in 1989 and republished in expanded form by 1stBooks Library in 2001), and The Pluperfect Phantom (1stBooks Library).

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