Fahrenheit 9/11 a ‘jaundiced’ production

Editor’s note: The following column is in response to Joe Baker’s June 23-29 Viewpoint column “9/11 questions still unanswered.”

When we start reading MAD magazine as a news magazine and watching Saturday Night Live as a news show the we can take seriously Michael Moore as a producer of “documentaries” and The Reagans as a serious look at history. Fahrenheit 9/11 is just the world through the jaundiced eyes of its producer. There is no attempt to find truth, but rather innuendo passed off as fact. One can only imagine the parody that could be made of Bill Clinton with the same “facts.” Remember that for a majority of the time the World Trade Center attack was being planned, he was the man in office.

Sadly, there is little objective news reporting, and Hollywood is a medium only available to those of like mind with Michael Moore. Would I trust the protection of our country to Moore, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry or others who run the circus while Rome burns? Not likely. As for the crazy assertions about President Bush allowing 9/11 to take place for political gain, some people need to start taking their antipsychotic medications. When do we start dealing with issues instead of name calling? Much as I dislike the former president, I can’t conceive of him wishing Americans would die for political gain.

I saw Michael Moore recently in an interview say that we needed to get a president elected by the “majority,” implying that President Bush had somehow usurped the presidency. I would suggest Moore’s education failed him. While he was being radicalized in college, he failed to learn that we are a republic, not a pure democracy. It was Al Gore and the Democrats that came in with an army of lawyers to try to change the election results after he had conceded. Wouldn’t it be interesting to do a real recount and find out how many illegal aliens were enlisted by the Democrats in Florida to vote or how many nursing home patients without their mental faculties were bused in to vote for Gore? Now there would be a conspiracy to check into.

Steven Mull is a Rockford resident.

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