Fair taxation?

This letter was originally sent to State Representative Jim Sacia, (R-89th).

Hi, I am an acquaintance of yours from Winnebago Schools, Jim Ditsworth.

Like most folks, I have concerns about taxes of all sorts. School taxes on property pop up to the front for most people, including me. It seems to me that pre-lottery in Illinois, the state (us) paid for 50 percent or close to that for schools and the balance came in from property taxes.

My take on why the state cannot afford to keep its constitutional funding amount up, is socialism. We have many, many, many more social (SOCIALIST) programs now than in 1970-1973. I would bet that tracking the history of social programs against the receding amount of state support for schools would parallel each other.

Citizens who keep asking government for new things, must fail to realize who (THEY) will pay for the new things. Those who don’t work and pay taxes don’t care, because it’s all free stuff to them. Many who agree with the free stuff are wealthy enough, that it doesn’t bother their bottom line, and they get viewed as compassionate rich people. Those in the working lower middle class get stuck real bad.

If all or most of the SOCIALIST social programs put in place since 1971 were removed, the STATE OF ILLINOIS would have plenty of cash for schools .

Let us pick a random dollar amount, say 500 million, that the state gen. fund put out for schools in 1971. Now, let’s say here comes the lottery, where all the money is supposed to go to the schools. Most citizens thought that meant the lottery money would be added to the NORMAL general fund dollars. WRONG! As I understand it, the Lottery money, (let’s say $100 million) went into the general fund, which is now ($600 million, right). Now, the state hands out $501 million to schools. Yes, the schools got more than last year, but not the full amount from the lottery.

That lets $400 million to play with, right? To divide up for all kinds of perks for some, and social programs. Do-good programs. If you are over 50 years old, you should remember that before the mid 1960s, there were only a few SOCIAL programs. People took care of themselves as best they could. Family, friends and churches and neighbors took care of those less fortunate or unlucky. NOW GOVERNMENT takes our money, under penalty of law and hands it out to those that GOVERNMENT deems needy or eligible for social free stuff. Medical—baby sitting-housing-heat-lights-school fee breaks, food stamps, plus special free food at school and many others.

Remove the social programs and give cash to our schools, so we can REDUCE or KEEP DOWN our property taxes.

Thank you,

Jim Ditsworth

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