Fall ArtScene at 37 locations Oct. 5-6

The Rockford Area Arts Council will present the 20th Annual ArtScene from 5 to 9 p.m., Friday, Oct. 5, and from 3 to 9 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 6. Admission is free.

For more information, call (815) 963-6765 or visit www.artsforeveryone.com.

ArtScene galleries and studios

520 Prairie Street Studio, 520 Prairie St., (815) 962-2976: “Art About Nouns”—Pop Art, mixed media, ceramic sculptures and mosaics by Adriana Villagomez.

A Movable Feast (Edgebrook Center), 1641 N. Alpine Road, (815) 227-0102: “Out of the Box”—As a mixed-media textile artist, Julaine Loftquist-Birch is always leaping “out of the box.” She often incorporates unusual embellishments in the creation of her art quilts such as hardware, staples, safety pins or zippers, and loves to break the rules. Her work is inspired by nature and the elements, feminine imagery, and an occasional pop song. Her quilts have been published in Quilting Arts magazine, and an article she wrote appeared in Cloth, Paper, Scissors this year.

Altamore Ristorante, 1432 N. Main St., (815) 968-5555: “Bienvenuto”—In a fabulous Italian atmosphere, “Italian Funk,” furniture painted and decorated with whimsy, will be exhibited by Kai Mulford.

Art Co-op @ The Village Gallery & The King’s Table, 308 W. State St. (In Stewart Square), (815) 963-2787: “Biggest Show in Town Take II”—The Art Co-op & The King’s Table bring you the biggest show in town with walls and halls of art! Featured artists include Mark Adamany, Doug Adcock, Jeanne Coe, Charlotte Hackin, Cora Hutchinson, Debra Mayer, Marty Panzer, Art Sinden, Dale Sinderson, Ken Staaf, Jeff Swanberg, John Webb and many more! Enjoy music by Dale Sinderson & John Webb.

ArtSpace West Gallery, 1426 N. Main St., (815) 963-1984: “North End Dreams”—This unique collection showcases the beauty and charm of days gone by, celebrates today and dreams of tomorrow through the eclectic designs by artists Dave Reimer, kinetic sculpture; Drew Logan, caustic mixed media; Jim Thompson, photography; Michael Donzi, serigraphs; Peter Mera, acrylics; Sherry Pritz, photography; Gary Hartsfield, contemporary art and H. Edward Riddle, metal sculpture.

Bennie’s Cleaners, 126 N. First St., (815) 965-1870: “Lofty Renderings”—New upstairs space (& downstairs) features works by Jeff Coan, neon sculpture; Karen Gines, acrylic paintings; Eric Anderson, watercolor; Duane Smith, pastels; Carolyn Mastroianni, oil paintings; Norah Nelson, jewelry; Jason Reid, miniature assemblage; Keith Skaggs, watercolor collage; Una Ryan, vintage silk; Sue Mount, watercolor; Scott Mount, mono print, pencil; Anne Johnson, basketry; Gordie Johnson, lath art; Marsha Goodheart, mixed media; Norm Knott, bejeweled creations; Barb Santucci, collage, Wanie Reeverts, watercolors; Sherri Knott-Simson, Gary W. Simson and John Cygan, found-object sculpture. Expect the unexpected!

Bliss Beauty Lounge, 120 N. Madison St., (815) 713-2495: “Mosaics and More”—Mosaics and hand-painted artwork by Mollie Carlson.

Burns Home Studio, 226 N. Gardiner Ave., (815) 513-8826: “Scenes of Rockford-Plus”—An exhibit of original paintings by artist Barbara Gardner Burns featuring transparent watercolors and acrylics on canvas.

Cholke Photography Fine Art Gallery, 2211 E. State St., (815) 226-9398: “Personal Visions”—Traditional and uniquely embellished fine art photography by Bob Cholke and Debra Capriola.

Church Street Gallery, 835 N. Church St., (815) 961-8265: “Realism or Not”—A diverse array of works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, mixed media, sculpture and hand-painted silk by artists Christy Andres, Jean Apgar, Barbara Burns, K. Dyer, Jeannette Fay, Paula Marsh, Kathy Maynor Rybicki and Peg Sowle.

Clabough Photography, 136 N. First St., (815) 962-4776: “Scenics on Canvas” & “Carry the Look”—Photographs with painterly style by Tom Clabough and handbags by Julie Garton.

Court Street Co-op, 534 N. Court St.: “An Artist’s Inception”—Grand opening of over 8,000 square feet of historic splendor. Amazing architecture! Awesome artwork! Wondrous woodwork! Featuring an eclectic multi-media blend of national and local artists showcased in our vision of a revitalized neighborhood.

Deborah Newton Studio, 130 N. Second St. at Market Street, (815) 962-1476: “In the Sky”—Featuring new series of paintings developed from Newton’s celebrative musings of the physical and emotional world as seen from her downtown studio.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 920 Third Ave., (815) 963-4815: “Art at Emmanuel”—Celebrating art in a sacred space, this exhibit will be showcasing the talents of members who work in oils, watercolors, acrylics, fiber, art-to-wear, mixed media and collage. Friday evening’s reception will include music and hors d’oeuvres.

Gary W. Anderson & Associates, 333 E. State St., (815) 965-1945: “Those That Teach Can!”—Five artists—Diane Rose Dailing, Jeanne Eberlein-Burmeister, Debra Grall, Ginny Hatwich and Lee Sido, whose diverse styles are represented in a wide range of media including drawing, painting, photography, ceramics and sculpture.

Golan-Liberman Contemporary Art, 2209 E. State St., (815) 316-2645: “Contemporary Art on East State”—The new Golan-Liberman Contemporary Art Gallery exhibiting works of local, national and international artists. Glass, bronze, clay sculptures and paintings on display year round. The gallery will host a variety of events including four to six art shows a year in a professional setting.

Illinois Design Center & Gallery, 2219 E. State St., (815) 398-3095: “Abstract Expressions”—An exhibit of abstract expressions, spontaneous gestural encaustics and their emotive use of color by artist Ginny Krueger.

Kortman Gallery at J.R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 N. Main St., (815) 968-0123: “Pathways”—Rockford glass artist Nathan Shaver’s exploration of line and form through automatic intuitive drawings, and an installation of glass sculptures, along with hand-blown, carved vessels. Featuring performance artist Steve Nelson on acoustic guitar, Friday evening.

Kryptonite Bar, 308 W. State St., Suite 110, (815) 965-0931: “Women in Art X3 and A Few Realists”—Women in Art X3… A combination of mixed media and unique abstract and impressionist styles. A Few Realists… combining the classical tradition with modern ideas. Featuring works by Karla Lombardo, Carolyn Repka, Una Ryan, Brian Skol, Matt Bethel and Daniel Farone.

Kuma’s Asian Bistro, 420 E. State St., (815) 490-1000: “Pictures of Rockford”—Unique and creative pictures of various sites and objects in Rockford by artist Sherry Pritz.

La Di Da, 1416 N. Main St., (815) 962-1234: “No End to the North End”—An exhibit featuring works by Lois Enna, watercolor; Tina Rippy, textiles; Jennifer Mullin, collage art and Connie Straube, loom-woven rugs and handwoven baskets.

Lantow Lofts, 502 Seventh St., (815) 964-8280: “Stuck on Art I”—An exhibit of recent works by artists Jim Julin, Nancy McManus Olson, Stuart Roddy, Teresa Schwiesow and Ted Simmering.

MedicineMan Design Studios, 510 E. State St., (815) 969-0960: “Yin/Yang II”—An exhibit featuring artists Valerie Olafson, Sven Stampson and David Anderson (downstairs) showcase their vision and unique styles behind the lens. Our friend Bret “Sugar Bear” Whitacre (upstairs) returns with his funky functional and nonfunctional art.

Memorial Hall, 211 N. Main St., (815) 969-1999: “Free Expression in Today’s World”—A multi-media art exhibit on two floors in Veteran’s Memorial Hall featuring works by Jeanette Fay, Diane Garrett, Cindy Hughes, Tom Linden, Kathy Maynor-Rybicki, Cam Roberts, Pamela Bradford, Ingrid Dohm, Jim Meldrum and featuring seven artists from The Plein Air Group featuring Barbara Burns, Marge Cockeram, Daphne Cooper, Doe Dummer, Julie Seger, Eileen Skeels and Sue Sundquist.

Midwest Stone Source, 915 23rd St., (815) 395-8677: “Cinco”—Five artists di

splay their creations in the new showroom location of Midwest Stone Source. Mixed media works by Dee Spafford; abstract wood sculptures by Salem Barker; works in copper by John Lamar; works by Roni Golan/Golan-Liberman Contemporary Art and works by Cruz.

Northern Leaf Imaging, 4801 Boeing Drive, (815) 494-1134: “Just My Imagination”—An exhibit showcasing the works of photographer Bradley Nordlof. Brad’s imagination, his camera, along with Mother Nature, provide an eclectic view of the world around us. Brad’s work is larger than life and a feast for the eyes.

Octane Interlounge, 124 N. Main St., (815) 965-4012: “Saturated Threads”—That American icon, the T-shirt, is reinterpreted in this group show coordinated by Rockford’s Visual Interest Group and showcased in Octane’s lively environment. Graphic designers and artists show the infinite possibilities for self-expression on this versatile, wearable canvas. Featured artists include: Laura Berrey, Jesus Correa, Kevin Granato, Lisa Jimenez, Javier Jimenez, Jared Hennis, Pablo Korona, Marieke McClendon, Shana Rever, Issac Velasco and more! The best news? T-shirts will be available for purchase and to order.

Pickerman’s, 528 Seventh St., (815) 964-8280: “Stuck on Art II”—Paintings, fractal fine art and sculpture by artists Bruce Archer, Dean Fairchild, Tom Heflin, Judy Moyer, Jan Pozzi, Karen Harding and Sandi Uram.

Poska, 2213 E. State St., (815) 316-2979: “Wisconsin Potters”—This group of Wisconsin pottery artists represent the best in raku, crackle glazes and porcelain wares. Artists include: Ron Ruble, Scott Dickerson, John Natale, Tony Winchester, Don Sprague, Rick Foris, Gary Roehrborn and Paul Donhauser. Curated by Ron Ruble, Madison, Wis. Stephen Pitkin’s photographic assemblages confound the tradition of beauty innate to photography. His pieces are images of flowers at the height of their beauty, encapsulated with the relic tissue of the decaying flower.

Prairie Soul Studios, 400 E. State St., third floor, (815) 713-1212: “Prairie Soul Studios Opening”—An exhibit featuring photography works by Tim Ciciura and Dustin Waller and watercolors and acrylics by Betsy Branca.

Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main St., (815) 968-2787: “Glimpse: The Arnold Gilbert Photography Collection”—Catch a glimpse of the history of photography through work from an important collection within the RAM Permanent Collection that was donated by Museum of Contemporary Photography co-founder Arnold Gilbert. Featured photographers include Ansel Adams, Mathew Brady, Manuel Carrillo, Barbara Bachmann Crane, Steve Crouch, Walker Evans, Joseph Jachna, Kenneth Jacobson, Yousuf Karsh, Nathan Lerner, Danny Lyon, Eadweard Muybridge, Enrico Natali, Paul Schranz, Aaron Siskind, Charles Swedlund, Burk Uzzle, Brett Weston and Geoff Winningham.

Rockford Art Museum Annex, 711 N. Main St., (815) 968-2787: “Abbie Reese: Faces of West Africa”—An exhibit of 22 photographs by Rockford-based artist Abbie Reese while she volunteered aboard the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship in Sierra Leone.

Rockford College Art Gallery, 5050 E. State St., (815) 226-4034: “Joyce Blunk, One Person Exhibition”—A theme repeated throughout the work of Joyce Blunk is the abstract enshrining of objects that symbolize poignant preoccupations of vivid life issues. Natural or manmade items are arranged in wooden boxes or on shelves, in ways that experiment with space and exploit the symbolic meaning of the objects of their presentation. Gallery talk: by Joyce Blunk, Friday, Oct. 5, 6-7 p.m. Reception: Saturday, Oct. 6, 6-7 p.m.

Studios 1109, Inc., 1109 Railroad Ave., (815) 961-9060: “Open Studios”—An exhibit featuring art of Andy Langoussis and the sculpture of David Seagraves.

Swilligan’s The Pub, 200 N. Church St., (815) 965-6414: “Beyond Contemporary Mosaics in Paint”—Darcy Allen features contemporary paintings created using mixed media and metallic with heavy texture interwoven and quilted canvas for the conceptual art connoisseur.

The Midtown Marketplace & JustGoods, 201/203 Seventh St. and 222 Seventh St., (815) 961-1269: “Scenes on Seventh”—Last year Rockford began to see signs of life on Seventh Street. This year we are pleased to offer Rockford “Scenes on Seventh” with more than three galleries exhibiting a vast array of works from some well-known and new local artists including Dorothy Bock, Elaine Hirschenberger, Delores Burkholder, Bob Burkholder, Holly Gilby, Wilma Stout, Dee Spafford, Kurt Gessner, Patrick Donahue & more.

The North End Coffee Bar, 1408 N. Main St., (815) 964-4412: “Metal Mania”—Illustrious metal for home, office and garden by H. Edward Riddle.

from the Oct. 3, 2007, issue

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